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    Could you try to retreive the name after the last double quote (:) and if it is there then do not make #DESCRIPTION mandatory (it could be still used to overule what is behind the : or make it mandatoru when it is not there)

    Principally #DESCRIPTION is not required at all. It was only intended to overule service names in bouquet lists to make the different as defined in lamedb. This is not the case here.... Actualy Partnerbox is behaving a bit strange.

    I hope you can help here ;)

    In line 49 of the airplayer (previous version) the following happens...
    config.mediaplayer = ConfigSubsection()

    This steels the ConfigSubsection for the following configs

    config.mediaplayer.useAlternateUserAgent = ConfigYesNo(default=False)
    config.mediaplayer.alternateUserAgent = ConfigText(default="")

    This is something the creators of the Airplayer plugin in fact should not do... They had to keep the configs from mediaplayer alone and use their own configs like


    This might also clarify some complains were the menu button in the MediaPlayer is not working anymore.

    Please fix this because this is ugly and as far I see not required at all!!! Because you depend the Mediaplayer plugin on the Airplayer plugin and visa versa...

    In the latest package this can not be done because the source code is out of the package,,,,

    Mit den standard picons von PLi have ich nicht von allen Sender Picons. Ich denke dass der Cool TV Guide plugin nur Picons darstellt auf picon name und nicht auf den service ID string wass bij PLi gebraucht wird (meistens eine shortlink) om picons und memory zu spahren.

    Danke! Ich gabe sie gefunden.

    Wass mich immer gestoert hat ist das die tabs nicht so guht aussehen mit wiedergabe. Ist da noch etwas zu machen (z.b. einen courier font zu wahlen).

    Hasst du auch schon gesehen dass PLi den bitrate plugin angepasst hat, so dass die audiobitrate und so ach immer und besser functioniert.

    De code to get TuxTxt including the cash working on Enigma2 is available via openpli. In PLi TuxTxt is working with cash as with Enigma 1 without selecting and running tuxtxt via the text button....

    When I run the compiled version of vtunerd in my DM7000 I always get the following message:

    root@dm7000 /var/bin # vtunerd
    vtunerd: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    The library is not included in my image. When i include the library in /var/lib I got a different error.

    How do I solve this? How can I include this into my build to compile by myself so that the missing library and missing library functions are not stripped?

    Es werde schoen sein das im plugin auch die nummer tasten dabei kunnen. Mit links/rechts ist es zu verschieben und 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 bedeutet 0% (geginn) 10%, 20%, 30% usw, im File steppen. So wie es beim PopCorn geht.