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    But Transcode while in standby, is a development/software limitation.....

    i think is a good point and a great value for DM900, to transcode any channel while standby....just like does for direct stream via http.

    Maybe in near future this is possible.



    it's possible to setup lcd position with frame edges? Any configuration, plugin for that?

    Thas because the LCD position its little too much for left side, and cut a little bit of left side letters....

    Anyone confirm this?


    what i means is stream via rtsp (transcoding - streaming server).....

    The questions are:

    1. It's possible rtsp while DM900 is in standby?
    2. It's possible rtsp of a channel different from actual live on TV?

    How to those questions?

    I know it works on direct sream via 8001 port (http).......i want to know via 554 port (rtsp)


    Hi, i cannot find a way to stream channels, via transcode (Stream Server - rtsp), different from LiveTV.

    Miss something?

    Other thing, is that is not possible to use stream server, while dreambox is in Standby....

    Can someone give me some tips?

    Thanks in Advance.

    Im trying to connect an TP-Link TL-WN821N on my dreambox and no success.

    The dreambox recognize it as usb wireless Lan stick Atheros, but then i cannot see any menu to configure it. I cant find any wireless lan menu.

    Im using latest iCVS 3.2.1 with GP3.....

    Can anyone help?


    If i try to add a torrent via webif "Extras > eTorrent", i have the following error:

    <type 'exceptions.OSError'>: [Errno 22] Invalid argument

    I have latest iCVS OE 1.6 with GP3 updated to the latest version. It's a DM500HD.

    Any idea?


    i've installed GeminiTorrent, but when i try to add a torrent file, that doesn't nothing.

    The dreambox starts busy with spinning logo, and doesn´t add any torrent i cant add torrent files in dreambox.

    I have an DM500HD whith USB hdd.

    Any idea?


    i have downloaded latest iCVS image for DM500HD, but when i try to flash it by network, it gives me this error:


    The dreambox haves Loader #83.

    Any idea?


    i've got something weird.....

    i have configuration listed in Zey site, for 3G/HSDPA connection......

    It works fine for 3G/HSDPA network, but when i'm in my local network with wireless connected, it can read bouquets, EPG, but cannot stream.....i got a black screen......

    The only way i got to work in local network (Wireless connected), it's to change configuration to internal IP's.....just like zey's site shows in "Local Network/wireless" configuration.....

    I think in local network should work with 3G/HSDPA configuration...right?

    Any idea?