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    Maybe you have the problem i had.

    Dm800 tuner is more sensitive and i had to buy a bigger plate to capture more signal, below 12db its not sure that you can scan all channels.

    Try to tune the LNB or bigger plate. I had the same problem and i worked it out with this.

    Hope it helps

    If you have an old DM500 you or any other DM you can connect your clines to the other box first and then to Dm800 you lose 1 distance but is intranet you wont notice much difference. There is other solution, buy a good router and try it out, cause there are routers that work with no problem.

    When using more than 35 clines +- in cccam emulator DM800 will make the router crash or just the box itself.

    There are good routers that manage the connections better but i think that doesn´t solve the problem, maybe its just a software emulator bug and not Dm800.

    Stay cool, hope this helps

    Heheh Nice picture, but to be exact the egg should be on the opposite side, right one. Where the tuner is located its where the big heat comes.
    I installed a 5€ fan so its very cool.

    Why the Changelog E2 link doesnt work for me?

    Sorry to write in english.

    Im having problems streaming to the PC emulated channels, the FTA i can see on PC the emulated not, is this a feature or a bug ?

    If this is a feature, how can i "remove it"?


    Im using cccam on the paytv ones, iv been testing and only the FTA show up the image.

    Iv tried VLC Nightly Build and the problem with closed channs pressists.
    Some bad confif or something i didn´t remmember, i will continue searching for the problem.


    No im not using WLAN, the speed is great and i managed some progress.

    Well at this time i managed to make it work on FTA (Free to Air) channels, but not on all others.

    I will keep testing but i know at this time i was missing "Interface", and your help was great, i will keep trying to see what´s wrong.

    Now im gonna try with Nightly Builds to see i have some luck.

    Thanks alot

    I havent got a password for web interface, im using default setting in Gemini 3.7. I just edites the inadyn to work with dyndns and nothing more.

    Whats the config file for the webinterface , the path? cause i havent messed with that file before, i use standart default settings.


    All of that works fine...

    When i click the monitor opens up VLC and tried to open the .m3u. I press the monitor of the channel beeing watched in Dreambox.
    Iv tried lots of VLC versions and doesnt work, i already open up 8001 port on router for dreambox cause it streams on that port, and still nothing.

    I go check the STREAM INFO on VLC and under statistics i get on INPUT lots of transfering traffic, all the rest is submenus are zero (0), but lots of traffic on INPUT. Check Screenshot:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Thanks for reading again. Im not getting it done

    PS: I use Windows XP Pro SP2 EN and all the updates, i have disabled Kaspersky AV too so i can exclude that problem.

    It can only be missing codec, bad config on VLC (im using all default setttings on it) or DM800 missing file or config.

    My apologies for writing in English.

    I have a DM800HD for 3 months and iv always used Gemini Images, and never managed to Stream Channel to my network PC.

    Im using Gemini 3.7 and iv tried lots of VLC version, old ones, and most recent and none worked.

    I will be very happy if someone told me what to do, or maybe change Dm800 Image?

    Thanks in advance