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    Originally posted by pcd

    We have done quite well with the vali-ks skin.

    The attached is from a hd box - not much difference ! :D

    it is a beautiful skin on the 600 too. Just a shame dimensions are slightly out.
    There used to be a plugin on the DB500 which allowed GUI size and posistion adjustment, is this possible in 600 e2 ?

    thankyou for taking the time to answer my question, I will try this asap.

    Not really the answer I was looking for m8!

    I spent 24hours testing your image.. It was my choice and the 600 badly needs an E2 image with working EPG. So i will continue testing if you would help answer some questions.

    Hi mate, thanks for reply.

    The CF function for expand memory not work. It works ok in Dreamforum image.
    I must use default skin, if i change skin image hang on reboot.
    I now use HD for memory expansion and forget CF. Now works great.
    I also use default skin, but default skin has issues with screen posistion, the left side loose 4 characters.
    As for epg, I now get no default list of resources for epg capture? must a download a file with the epg capture options (Rytec, Satman or Sat?)
    Can somebody supply this file? Where must file go? (/etc)
    I would really like to get EPG working..
    How long does it take to capture UK EPG via Rytec Wiki and import with the epgimport plugin?
    On my 800 image it takes 30 secs..

    dont change skin to dmm also hangs up box on reboot.

    FFS 5 hours now wasted!



    at long last, a new 600 E2 image with EPG. Only problem is I cannot get it to import Rytec UK events. When I do manual import, it says its working but nothing happens..
    Apart from that this is an awsome image, I especially like the increase memory function.
    I also gave CF in my 600, the CF can be configured and seen, but If i use cf as memory expansion the 600 wont boot and needs re-imaged.
    the 600 also wont boot after epg is downloaded manually to hd (no events show) rebooted, then just gets stuck in a loop..

    How long should the epg import take? before reboot?

    The dreamforum image access cf ok and use as memory, this image screws up with that option.
    dont use the epg either it screws the image up too!