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    Again thanks PCD for yet another great image!

    Was real easy to get up and running.

    Anyone has an idea how to make it default to a specific audio / subtitle on the TV channels ?

    Everytime I flash or sometimes random I have to chose the Audio button and set my lingo again?

    Danish audio and Daish subs whenever posible ?

    Is it posible to setup partner box between this DM600 image and and VUPlus DUO enigma 2 open pli image ?

    I have had some runups to getting this image working on my DM600, but it just goes into endless loops.
    I am sure I do something wrong.

    I have had this answered before but now I cant find the answer anhymore :rolleyes:

    How do I make a FULL backup, preferable to an reflashable .NFI file.

    My about says:

    Enigma: 2010-04-26
    Image: Experimental 2010-05-01


    Originally posted by pcd

    When I have time I will look into it. For now it seems only option is e1 for recording with timeshift !

    Cheers, pcd.

    I would like the timeshift to work, aswell, think is a cool feature and is missing it now on my Dm600 with Pcd image. But still bu far PCD 2.1 best image for my DM600 an i will probable keep it on even without timeshift/recording (or Text tv with long press on the remote) fully working.

    We also have an Vu+ Delite E2 image witch has timeshift working.


    Originally posted by pcd
    Please try this :-
    In file /usr/bin/ - delete # from the line with "#echo inputdev..." and add # to start of line " echo rawir2 .....".

    :evil: Where you just waiting for me to come up again and ask for this ;-) Cause that was almost 2easy :aufsmaul:

    Worked like a charm :tongue:

    :danke: :danke: :danke:

    Enigma2 Pcd 2.1 Best ever images for my dm600!


    Originally posted by spocklechien
    I have just installed the new file and now it works. I have no more the time error.

    However now I have a restart of enigma every time I try to record (green button) a program from MV.

    Got the green button restart as well on v.4.60, but now at least I also does not have the time error anymore ;-)