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    I tried to stream the TV signal of the running channel from the Dreambox either to my PC or to e.g. XBMC on ATV2. In the WebIF in the upper right corner I pressed the stream button (from the two buttons for EPG or Streaming).
    I then get an m3u file with a link like,64,65,6a. But neither VLC nor Firefox show the TV picture. Messages in VLC are:
    main error: Read error: Connection reset by peer
    main error: cannot pre fill buffer

    I am using the 6.2 image from PCD (which is working great...).

    Can someone watch TV via XBMC with the dm600pvr? Are plugins / settings missing on my box - I didn't install / change anything...?


    Hi all,

    thanks for the fast answers - worked great. I removed many packages (some were already removed). And now I have (with the WebIf installed) more than 5MB left.

    Reason for using Enigma2 instead of Enigma1 for me is that I have the impression that the drivers are much better - when I am recording something I hardly get any stutters any more.


    Hi PCD,

    as always - works great! Thanks a lot!

    Only this time I wanted to use it without using the option to increase memory.
    Now it looks like there is very few memory available on the system, and I only added the WebIF + req. software. Actually the assistant to remove software is appearing now an then...

    Any suggestions what else I could delete manually on FTP? I am using it for Cable TV (no Sat) and I am not using any cards. The Box is connected to my NAS via NFS.



    I am using the PCD Image since months now - and it works just great!!! One thing that was not mentioned enough here are the improved network drivers. With Enigma1 I sometimes got artifacts or stuttering (I am using an NAS server), this now happens really, really seldomly with Enigma 2.

    Only thing that comes into my mind is the effort for installing a new release. I remember with the Enigma1 images there was some way to get an update via the Enigma manu (only at some images). So all the installed add-ons, settings, mapped NAS, ... stay the same, an update only requires some minutes.
    Do you know if there is a way?


    hans753 solved the scanning issue:
    "The scan seems to work if you change the scanning method.
    It seems to work this way: Tuner Configuration. In German "Typ der Kanalsuche" Set it to Provider."

    Yesterday I updated to 3.1 (even if I was happy with 2.2...) and it works just great.

    Of course some steps are required with an attached NAS:
    - update with new image
    - I deleted via ftp the smbd file
    - In mount manager I added my NAS
    - reboot
    - increase memory (hdd)
    - scan chanels
    - install software

    I found only one issue: somehow the webinterface seems to be updated. This results in Firefox to strange messages at the TeleVision tab (ERROR: ReferenceError). After searching in the forum I found out, that you have to clear the Firefox cache. I do not have Gears installed.

    Also I saw that now upnp-related packages are offered. Only I could not find an app using it. Did I miss something?

    Now everything works fine :-)

    Thanks a lot!


    Hi pcd,
    I had a problem with the initial scanning of the channells for DVB-C. I discussed it with you in the 2.1 thread. Problem was, that the scanning always resulted in a dump.
    Workaround was then to upload the channel info from an old backup via FTP to the box.
    So I was wondering if maybe something else was update?

    I also have a wish for a plugin :-)
    It would be great to have uPNP support in the box. All plugins I saw were not for PowerPC...

    Thanks, Martin


    I installed it, tested it for a few days and it works just great! Icons look much better now.
    Scanning still is not working, but I could import the settings so everything is fine. Did you also upgrade the underlying software?

    Thanks for the great image!

    I looked arround but could not find a upnp player for the 600PVR. Maybe I looked at the wrong places, it seems that for powerpc there is less support.
    Ideally this should be a upnp player that can be remote-controlled via e.g. iPod Touch and PlugPlayer (so I do not need to power on the projector). Djmount 'only' adds a new directory.

    Hi pcd,

    mentioning cables.xml I got an idea - via DreamBoxEdit I uploaded my saved settings - and it works! So even if the initial scanning did not work, the TV is now working great.
    So I am fine now - maybe in enigma2-2.8git100503 something was changed with DVB-C?

    Thanks a lot for all the effort!!!

    Hi pcd,

    I just tried it - I exchanged via FTP as described, even completely re-booted the box and then executed the scan again. If I do not change the settings of the tuner I get a message like "Error starting" (image attached). When I then change the DVB-C cards settings, I get a dump (also attached).
    Thanks again!


    I added the proposed changes to the memory cleanup utility (site-packages). Still there was the message about low main memory. I removed skins and packages, without big success. Only when I deleted the smbd file (~ 3MB) this did the job.
    So basically the box works now - video playback via NAS or WebIf.
    Only the tuner is not recognized (DVB-C) when I do the automatic scanning with default settings (no log / crash - only error message on screen like 'search failed' - while it worked like this in the older release...).
    It also crashes when I start the scanning with changed tuner parameters. Dump attached.

    Thanks! Martin


    sorry for confusion.
    I have an external NAS mounted at /media/hdd via the mount manager. So my first activity is to enter in mount manager the link to the NAS (via NFS) and the second step is to increase memory.
    Then I restart the dreambox to be on the save side. This works fine for the old version but not with the new version.

    Thanks again, Martin


    also from my side thanks a lot for the work on DM 600 PVR!!!

    Only with this release I saw some strange things - the older version worked really nice...
    My DVB-C-Tuner was not recognized - error message in the startup assitent. Also I can edit settings one time (my NAS-Server via NFS - seems to work) and increase memory. Then the 'Starting ...' Screen is always on and I cannot enter anything any more. In telnet I saw, that there was no Enigma2 process any more, but no error-dump. When I startet it manually via enigma2 in telnet, it worked, but not very stable.

    No Idea what is different to the older version :-(


    I installed the WebIF, and now it works fine. I could download all the required software and the plugin (had to manually find out, what software was dependant on which other software...).
    Now everything works fine, could also record Tatort yesterday :-)

    Sometimes during zapping the picture remains black, but sound was there. Maybe it has to do with low signal quality? When I zap to the same chanal a little later, sometimes it works...

    Thanks again for the great firmware!