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    Hi there.

    Tried to make this work in 7020HD with NN v3.2.2 but the device just got stuck.
    Edititng usr\lib\enigma2\python\Plugins\Extensions\IPCamViewer\IPCamViewer.conf to have only one "{camera}{}{foscam}{Kitchen}{admin}{admin}" did not work.. Has anyone got this to work with my kind of setup.

    My Camera is Mjpeg.. Just Regular Non-spesific IPcamera, no controll..
    How to compose the config?

    And how to uninstall this?

    Using "enigma2-plugin-extensions-IPCamViewer_2011-01-10_mipsel"
    Is there newer one? Where to donwload?


    Originally posted by bigcheese
    so,...renamed it, and now my /web/epgnow?bRef... is working :)..

    Hi there.
    Good to hear that works.
    I had similar problem: I use /epgnow?bRef=.. from my php-apps to obtain the given channels EPG. problem is that with EPGNOW command, returning is HUGE xml chunk, when I just need current's program's specs.

    ? can the webInf Reguest "epgnow?bRef=" be expanded with another not-mandatory parameter "&counter=3" with user can tell how many items to retreive..

    I just need given channel's (ref) ongoing programs name ja other spces...


    Testing Win32 C:\Muuta Streaming Server 0.2 with DreamBox7025. Excelent Server!

    There is one thing that could be fixed: My DreamBox WebIf has authentication but no SSL. When Adding a DreamBox, Muuta Server does not ask for Password.
    Port and IP are asked. :) Even the SuperUser's Credentials are no good.

    When System starts to ReIndex DreamBox's channels, CommandPrompt asks for password for root, but It does not go in (pass in correct).

    Can this be fixed?
    - ADD password & User to DB for each DreamBox.


    Originally posted by 3c5x9
    Ich würd sagen, euch fehlen diese Pakete:
    libssl0.9.7 - 0.9.7g-r1 -
    python-pyopenssl - 0.6-r0 -

    It would be appreciated if you did not change to germany from original language: english.

    So, If i'd like to use SSL with web-UI, I should install those packs also. Ok, I'll try..
    But How I'll make the certificate?

    Hi There.

    This is a feature suggestion for futurure releases.
    I have encountered many times with Satellite channels that DVB & TTX subtitles can be off from time to time. Usually this means that one paricularry provider transmits the channel's subs few seconds too late / early.

    Why isn't there any UserInterface (like with PCM/AC3 delay) for this. Range needs to be +- 15sec, with 50ms steps.

    Thank you.

    Hi there. First the specs:
    DreamBox 7025+, Thor 0.8w & Sirius 4.8E. 1x Sat tuner. 1x Terrestrial. GP2 V4.6 image.
    Satellite EPG has always workd somehow, it is odd that this is the main error point: EPG.

    * EPG for SAT channels take a bit of time to fill up (EPG events took 3.1MB of RAM) but quite often the EPG data just vanishes. EPG cache is on to CF.

    And Thor 0.8w Canal+ Action has some MAJOR epg problems: when everything else shows, this is empty.

    Greetings Board.

    I got this v4.6 image to work somewhat, but the Flash in VERY full and Some features were to uninstall. SambaServer & CCam 2.1.3 "Nemesis.GlassLine" Skin needed some room..

    TTX Subtitles are now in RedColor, how Can this be changed? what file to knife? skin.xml (Subtitle_Regular)?


    Look at the thread "Gemini 4.3 Absturz 7025" I think it is the same problem.
    The "Skin_user.xml" solved the problem for me in 4.40

    Hi. All subtitles, both DVB and textTV's are working with GP2 v4.2 so something has gone wrong.. can there be "patch" fix eg in Addons in Bluepanel? :)

    Dear Board.
    Using "gemini2-440-dm7025" in my 7025+ and found some nasty bug:
    With TV1000/Canal+ (thor/sirius) channels, Subtitles crash the system.

    This is taken from the Crashlog.

    action -> SetupActions ok
    disable dvb subtitles
    disable teletext subtitles
    enable teletext subtitle page 699
    action -> InfobarShowHideActions hide
    Page Start 1 1570538495
    Page End 1 1570540287
    got new subtitle page 1570525428 1570540287 1
    1570525428 1570540287
    start subtitle delay 165
    1570539828 1570540287
    display teletext subtitle page 1570540287
    Page Start 1 1570572671
    Page End 1 1570574591
    got new subtitle page 1570561428 1570574591 1
    1570561428 1570574591
    start subtitle delay 146
    1570572228 1570574591
    start subtitle delay 26
    1570575828 1570574591
    [late (13 ms)]
    display teletext subtitle page 1570574591
    KILLED BY signal 11

    Dear Board.
    Please advice me, if I'm doing these raports in a wrong section etc..
    I'd like to raport a small Bug.

    Using GP2 v4.2 on DreamBox 7025+, No barry etc..

    Software Manager's "Chooce backup Location" shows only network mount, not CF / HDD choises. Aren't they suppose to be there also. With previous systems BackUps went to /media/CF/backup/

    Pic is attached.


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    Dear Board.
    Using GP2 v4.2 and DreamBox 7025+.
    With this image there is "DreamBox WebControl 1.5beta4".

    ? When I set the authentication ON My Web Browser asks for userid / password.. What are they and where can I change them?

    ? If SSL is enabled DreamBox shouts "Failed..." Screenshot is attached here".
    How to enable SSL (ie what to install through Packet Handler).

    Thank you.


    Hi there.
    I'm sorry if this is in wrong thread, but still.
    Using: DreamBox 7025+ with DVB-C (a-slot) and DVB-T (b-slot) tuners.
    Image is Gemini2 v3.5 with CCCam 2.0.9 and sambaServer.

    When system is recording a program Using C-tuner, box can't tune to DVB-T tuner's any channel. BER are above 10.000 and singanl & AGR bounces from zero to proper values. Once I got "Transponder does not have any data PAT" or something. Even if I tune to something else (different Mux with C) and then came back, nothing..

    This has happened even with Gemini2 v3.3.

    Hi there.
    I do not know If this is the right thread to report a "bug" in Gemini2 v3.3 - v3.5 images, but here goes: :)

    There is something wrong with the DVB-T & DVB-C video decoding so that the motions in the video gets choped. If there is hi contrast scenes with lots of small detailed stuff moving, those small details does not move fluetlty. objects movements horisontally are skipd by a block and object vibrates litely while moving.
    For example movie "Troy" where there are lots of spears showing next to blue sky and the camera is panning horisontally. Spear movements are not right, the tips vibrate and distores when moving.

    Now that I have discovered this anomality, several other cases emerge every day where the motions in video are not fluent.

    If the same recorded movie is whated with same TV but with XBox1 Media Center there are no problem.

    Dear Board, I can not speak german, so If you please, reply in english. thank you. :)

    This might be a stupid question, nevertheless here it goes:

    Can Dreambox 7025+ drive also 480p/720p signals besides PAL here in europe? The system does have somekind of selection wheater to drive RGB / komponent signal and also with Videomode plugin there are selections to 1080i.

    What system setting layout must there be in order to make this work?
    I have FullHD LCD TV set and I was wondering will it be possible to drive it with 720p via component cable instead of PAL (576i) via RGB cable.

    Xbox1 (2001 prod) can drive up to 1080i if the console is attached to TV with component cable and set to NTSC (video chips are Focus, Conexant or Xcalibur (sis & MS venture). If the console is via RGB, Pure PAL (576i)/NTSC(480p) is only choice.