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    Yes I understand those new features won't be available but as nice as they are what use are those if the basic need of an EPG is not even available for my territory.

    What appeals to me about the 7080 is the hardware(although as usual from DMM overpriced), even with 'old' E2 the 7080 boots in around 23s.

    It can have 4 tuners (which I miss from when I had an 8000).

    With 'old' E2 all of the existing plugins that I use will work.

    As my STB is my main entertainment centre not only for TV but also inet and local streaming'old' E2 will do me me very nicely thanks very much :)

    I believe this is after all not a DBE problem but almost certainly a Windows 8.1 problem as suggested in my previous post.

    After further investigation this problem manifests itself with any FTP program I use (CuteFTP and WinSCP)

    Short transfers of a few files are ok, the problem only occurs with sustained transfers, for example my channel list is a long multi-satellite list and DBE locks up maybe after 50-70% of the transfer so I would imagine a short channel list of 1 or 2 satellites would transfer with no noticeable issue to the user.

    Hmm, can't believe my 2 PCs have exact same issue, however while searching the net for solutions I came across this problem for a different program that uses FTP


    Unfortunately there is a bug in the FTP functionality of Windows 8.1 (wininet) that makes it impossible to successfully upload files.
    Not only WYSIWYG Web Builder is affected but many other software that are using the same (built-in) FTp built-in fucntions. Even the standard FTP utility in Windows no longer works!
    Of course we hope that Microsoft will quickly fix this issue but in the meantime we have released an update (9.1.2 and 8.5.9) for WYSIWYG Web Builder.

    DreamBoxEdit is no longer functional when using the release version of Windows 8.1.

    The problem is with FTP transfer to and from the box, the transfer gets so far and then DBE stops responding and has to be killed with the task manager.

    This problem happens with my main PC and laptop which previously worked without problem with Windows 8.0.

    I have tried all of the Windows compatibility options and none resolve the problem.

    Any solution ?

    Yes I've read all the BS but like many I still have no faith in DMM to provide a solution anytime soon, why should I, they never bothered in the past !

    Just like many countries now are using DVB-T2 but still no tuner for it, yet if Germany was using DVB-T2 then you can bet there would already be a tuner on the market.

    thanks dhwz

    I have a ready made list here with all channels added, all parameters are correct except for the PMT pid which is why I guess I'm getting the famiiar 'timeout reading PAT' message.

    So how to add the missing PMT pid ? Dreamboxedit doesn't have a field for this so i'm guessing it should go into the Extra parameters field but what should I enter?

    My 8k is recent model with 4506 int tuners and 1 4505 plugin tuner and I understood at least the 4505 could handle high sr.

    Are these tuners unable to handle high symbol rate such as 44100 as used on the BBC package on 27.5w or is it a driver problem ?

    Yes m8 it's fixed with various patches.

    I use 'enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-crossepg_0.6.2+git274+3e635ee-r0_mipsel.ipk', DrBest's load epg patch + the posted by sin in the first post of this thread and its all back to normal for me.

    Sin and others do say though that loadepg patch causes crashes for them but for me it's been perfect.

    Hey sin, thanks for the fix.

    Dr.Best's patch has always worked perfectly for me with OoZooN so all I needed was the opentv fix, now my crossepg is back to how it always was :)

    It turns out to be a one line simple fix, it makes me wonder why the devs were holding out on us !

    How did you discover this fix ?

    Oh yes, thanks DMM for your wonderfull epg solution :face_with_rolling_eyes: