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    Try to start from terminl with this:

    killall boblightd
    killall boblight-enigma2
    boblight-enigma2 -o value=10 -o saturation=1.2 -o gamma=2.2

    is this better ?

    gr Speedy


    Originally posted by Schmello
    Can you support Boblight/Enigmalight for the new Hdmi In (Xpeed LX3 - Atemio Nemesis)?

    So ich have Ambilight for my Xbox/Ouya/PS :)

    Hi, MMM thats a nice feature for it :)
    What is your output from this ?

    cat /proc/stb/info/model
    cat /proc/stb/info/chipset

    I hope for you its a mipsel box with a broadcom chipset.
    Enigmalight only supports mipsel architecture on this moment, maybe later sh4 and more archtecture :)

    Gr Speedy

    HI Boblight Users.

    I want to say sorry for you can't download a first version of EnigmaLight.

    I have some problems with the new GUI for EnigmaLight.
    But i can tell you that it's almost done.

    But for now there are problems like start and stop the lights and the box will crash sometimes.

    I need some time to make the first version ready.
    I need 2 beta testers with a GigaBlue and a et8000
    please send me a pm.

    If the first beta is ready i will send it to you for testing.
    After the test i will upload it to my website for public :)

    I hope you understand me..
    Keep an eye on my website for the first release!
    And follow me on twitter ;) #enigma_light

    Greetz Speedy

    Hi Folks,

    Enigmalight Beta Thread

    For issues/bugs
    post it on my github page (source is not right there,will add it later)

    I you want to help me with translating, send me a pm.

    Questions and Anwsers:

    Q: I get only white color when i run EnigmaLight ?
    A: Try another version in settings, i gues a version with FPU.

    Q: Can i use the boblight.conf ?
    A: Yes you can use this, rename that file to enigmalight.conf.

    Q: Can i use the multiquickbutton plugin ?
    A: Yes for start and stop the lights.

    Q: Enigmalight is freezed, what can i do ?
    A: In MainMenu press 0 to forcekill enigmalight.

    Q: How to get support ?
    A: Contact me over email info at enigmalight dot net or send me a pm.

    SeduLight Prefix and Postfix:
    Some users has problems with SeduLight, Use this prefix and postfix to get it work.
    You need to know how much channels you have, Leds count * 3 = channels.

    96 or lower channels: Prefix 5A A0 Postfix A5
    256 or lower channels: Prefix 5A A1 Postfix A5
    512 or lower channels: Prefix 5A A2 Postfix A5
    768 or lower channels: Prefix 5A B0 Postfix A5


    name ambilight
    output /dev/ttyUSB0
    channels 414
    type momo
    interval 20000
    prefix 5A A2
    postfix A5
    rate 500000

    German -> HolyMoly
    Dutch -> Speedy1985

    ChangeLog 0.2rc1:
    - [Fixed] A lot of little fixes and cleaning code.
    - [Added] Webremote for mobile of tablet (Beta) its not working all, it's a first test http://boxip:1414
    - [Added] Skin now working if you use a 1920x1080 skin.
    - [Added] Blackbar detection delay
    - [Added] Deb version !!
    - [??????] And more, but forget this all LOL :)

    - ENJOY!! ;)

    I will add my code to Github this week, so if there is are some members who want to help ?? your welcome !!

    ChangeLog Beta 12:
    - [Fixed] Timer wasn’t working
    - [Fixed] Cpu usage high when EnigmaLight was idle
    - [Added] Blackbar detection vertical and horizontal
    - [Added] New background samples for the blackbardetection in tuningscreen, use this to test if the detection works.
    - [Changed] Changed adjustscreen with sample backgrounds to tuning screen.
    - [Added] Added a function to select the right bintype of enigmalight to load. Enigmalight can’t detect the FPU support on some receivers. If you get only white color then you have the wrong bintype and need another one with FPU.
    - [Cleaned] Cleaned code


    For new future releases and the new blackbar detection you need to add one extra key to your configfile enigmalight.conf
    Each light needs a position, enigmalight need to know this to change the depth on top and bottom for the blackbardetection and later for subtitles remove and edge corrections (later releases).

    # positions are top, bottom, left and right
    # Each [light] needs his position !
    # This new beta can’t use a enigmalight.conf without the positions!
    # Light names can only be 3 chars like 001 or XX1 or others

    Old config:

    name 90X
    color red ambilight 268
    color green ambilight 269
    color blue ambilight 270
    hscan 0 10
    vscan 82.35 88.24

    New config:

    position bottom
    name 90X
    color red ambilight 268
    color green ambilight 269
    color blue ambilight 270
    hscan 0 10
    vscan 82.35 88.24

    [/SIZE]ChangeLog Beta 10:
    - [Fixed] Fixed update function
    - [Fixed] I hope lihtpack is working now, cant test this because i have no lightpack devices.
    - [Fixed] Network mode fixed, XBMC now connecting without problems
    - [Fixed] Mode change method, when changed from mode grabber was starting one sec before switch to another mode. now change directly to mode

    Sorry for blackbardetection ! not in this beta because i dont't have enough time for it this week. Next beta it wil be there !

    ChangeLog Beta 9.8:
    - Added/Fixed RGB Sequence
    - Fixed Dreambox 7080HD
    - A lot off cleanup
    - Box detection works better now in About screen.
    - Fixed a memoryleak

    in next beta you will see the new blackbardetection, almost ready.. :)

    ChangeLog Beta 9.5
    - [Fixed] log-function, printing double functions
    - [Fixed] lightpack, now connect 2 or more lightpacks
    - [Fixed] (Ihad Terror01), line 78, Crash fixed
    - [Added] Smoothing (Tuning screen)

    ChangeLog Beta 9.4:
    - Network mode fixed
    - Disabled adjust mode for networkmode, because hyperion and default boblight don't have the liveadjust.
    - Added new binary files for receivers without FPU support like the DM800 (but without FPU it will be slow)
    - Changed log function
    - Statusbar bug fixed

    ChangeLog Beta 9.3:
    - Enigmalight can be used as grabber or moodlamp or server for boblight/hyperion clients
    - Its only onefile, so now it use 8-9% cpu @ 1920x1080 with interval @ 0.10 (10fps) and can run on a dualcore with interval 0.01 @ 90fps with 40% cpu, but 90fps is overkill :)
    - Grabber again optimized
    - Added statusbar with info (RUNNING or NOT,CPU,FPS,MODE) in GUI and it will be refreshed every sec.
    - New effects (rainbow, rgb test, later more...)
    - Lightpack support fixed, now you can connect 2 lightpacks or more, see my website for the howto.
    - New GUI
    - Log function, GUI will make log file in /tmp if you enable this option in settings
    - Translations not done yet, first it must be stable
    - Added a lot of new code
    - Added BRCM7241 (et8000) and BRCM7346 (GigaBlue EU )chipsets
    - Select configfile from settings
    - Switch from local to networkmode
    - And more

    Install notes:
    - First remove Boblight
    - Install new EnigmaLight (ipk/deb can be installed on mipsel and mips32el)
    - Restart your receiver and enjoy your new ambilight :)

    Log Files:
    - Turn on debuglogs (GUI logs) in settings for log files in /tmp/enigmalight_gui.log, we can share it here for help
    - EnigmaLight program logs are found in /home/root/.enigmalight/enigmalight.log

    Nice video from beta tester,

    For issues/bugs
    post it on my github page (source is not right there,will add it later)

    I hope you enjoy it !! :P
    Greetz Speedy !

    If you enjoy EnigmaLight, and would like to support continued development, you can make a donation here


    Originally posted by oneone
    warum sind denn sämtliche hier genannten Seiten offine. Ich hatte die r8.5 Version auf meiner Box. Die mußte ich neu machen, und nun feinde ich nirgends mehr eine laufende Version. Meine letzte mußte ich nur installieren und gut war. Die letzte hier läßt sich nicht installieren...

    weiß einer Rat?...gibt es das vieleiht mittlerweile auf dem feed? Ich konnte nix finden

    Hi! Here you can download the last versions.…wnload-category/releases/

    Greetz Speedy

    Hi Folks!

    Sorry i have seen my domain is offline. :evil:
    I will change it to

    Thats the new name for this application for enigma2.
    Sorry but iam verry busy on this moment with my house becouse its summer :)

    I will make this new version ready for download soon.
    I think it will be ready approx august 1 - august 15.
    Sorry but i need some time to make it all work.

    I do this in spare time so no promices but will do my best to keep it up to date or add requested features or fixes.

    I hope you understand me :)

    Greetz Speedy :tongue:

    Have fun guys

    Hi Boblight Users.
    I can say that i have make progress with a new plugin named "EnigmaLight"
    It's based on Boblight but now it[ only one file and have better cpu performance.

    Whats new:
    - Enigmalight can be used as grabber or moodlamp or server for boblight
    - It[ only one file, so now it use 8-9% cpu @ 1920x1080
    - Grabber is again optimized
    - New restyled GUI
    - New effects
    - Lightpack support fixed
    - Added BRCM7241 (et8000)
    - And more...

    I have done this to make the code faster and get better performance.

    It will be available to download in 2-3 weeks @

    I hope you enjoy this new plugin.

    Gr Speedy1985


    What is not working in the XBMC plugin can you explain more ?
    So i can make it work for you all.

    Or maybe we can do some Teamviewer Session ?
    Iam online in IRC on this moment.

    Kind regards Speedy1985

    Hi all!

    New update for raspberry PI users and Windows.
    This new update can also be used with Cygwin.

    How to compile:…berry/wiki/How-to-compile

    Whats changed:
    - Fixed some memoryleaks
    - Added some new functions to make the cpu usage lower
    - Works now also with Enigma2 client, the last rasp-pi version wass crashing.
    - Added new Lightpack support, you can now use Lightpack with firmware < 6.2 (use bus and address) and > 6.3 (use serial), Thanks to Timsat

    Example configfiles, also for lightpack users:…gory/example-configfiles/

    I hope you like it!

    New Update! R4

    [Added] Option to set live the rgb-adjusment
    [Added] Test images to adjust panel
    [Added] Option to jump faster @ moodlamp slider and adjust slider, use the < and > buttons.
    [Fixed] No light for strange resolutions
    [Optimized] Boblight grabber use now again 2% less cpu, now for 92 leds 6-7% on 1920x1080
    [Optimized] Daemon optimized, replaced some function with new faster functions to calculate color.
    [Cosmetic] Cleaned code.

    Gr Speedy