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    whats your output from
    cat /proc/stb/info/chipset

    Gr Speedy

    Hi, yes i can make that background for you.
    Send it to as in pm and make the resolution 1280x720 :)
    then i would insert it in my new coming beta

    Gr Speedy


    Hi Try this without GUI

    in terminal follow this commands (replace oe20 to oe16 if you have a OE1.6 image)

    /home/elight-addons/usr/bin/enigmalight_oe20 -m 5 (this is a rainbow)
    /home/elight-addons/usr/bin/enigmalight_oe20 -m 1 -c cc0000 (red static)
    /home/elight-addons/usr/bin/enigmalight_oe20 -m 1 -c 00cc00 (green static)
    /home/elight-addons/usr/bin/enigmalight_oe20 -m 1 -c 0000cc (blue static)
    /home/elight-addons/usr/bin/enigmalight_oe20 -m 3 (this is a rgb test)
    /home/elight-addons/usr/bin/enigmalight_oe20 -m 2 (this is the dynamic mode)

    is this working ok ??

    Kind regards speedy1985

    Thanks for info !
    Will fix this in new beta !

    Try the attached one.


    Originally posted by zukkur
    Have tried the beta.

    Works fine, but still have the problem, that dark grey (or other dark environment) is detected as red ("true" black is still black).

    And whats about blackbardetection? ;)


    Blackbardetection will come back, but first enigmalight must be stable.
    Then i can fix the blackbardetection.

    Gr Speedy

    OK, thanks for log files.
    I think its was crashed while you wathing football, so green lights will stay there,
    The screen fit bug, i wil take a look to this.
    The statusbar problem is because he is crashed but running file is present in .tmp/

    I will try to fix this. ! Thanks!

    Greetz Speedy


    Originally posted by assassins
    14:58:26 start of log @ /home/root/.enigmalight/enigmalight.log
    14:58:26 [Config] opening /etc/enigmalight.conf
    14:58:26 ERROR: /etc/enigmalight.conf: No such file or directory
    14:58:26 [ELightGUI] Remove socket file /tmp/enigmalight.sock

    You have set network mode to true and give the valid ip in settings ?

    Gr Speedy


    Originally posted by assassins

    i want to use enigmalight in network mode. Renamed boblight.conf to enigmalight.conf Getting this error when starting enigmalight.

    ERROR: [Config] /etc/enigmalight.conf line 7: enigmalight was built without spi, no support for 8 devices

    If you use network mode, there is no
    Configfile needed. Becouse you connect with deamon.


    Originally posted by apollo0073
    yes no problem here you go..i have started it and switched between dynamic and moodlamp but as u may notice it reports no fps.
    if u need and other video or better please let me know.
    thanks for the help im really stuck why it does not work now :(

    Try this
    Remove adjust and gamma from boblight.conf

    In GUI
    Set minimal brightness to 0.0
    Maximal brightness to 1.0
    Brightness to 10
    Gamma to 2.2

    Then save and close menu.
    Now in terminal killall boblightd
    Now try again

    Gr Speedy