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    Originally posted by artemka

    if Enable lights on boot Start dynamic on boot,the daemon is started(led light flashes red,green and blue) and then led strip is not work.For that would lit lights need to manually turn in plugin.In previous version plugin all by fine
    in the settings I have tried all the items does not help, the problem remains
    in this video you can see the problem,in settings Enable lights on boot Start dynamic on boot

    OK, have seen the bug.
    Will fix it !!!



    Originally posted by niconuggler
    Hi zusammen,
    also ich habe mal die neue Version auf meiner Solo2 Installiert das hat schonmal tadellos funktioniert, die entsprechende Config habe ich angepasst und auch in enigmalight.conf benannt. Nun gut neustart gemacht Enigmalight gestartet und im Unteren Infobereich wurden auch Laud dem Plugin meine LED´s eingeschaltet und wird auch etwas mit FPS usw. angezeigt jedoch leuchten bei mir keine LED´s was habe ich da falsch gemacht? Hoffe man hat mich verstanden :-)

    Im anhang mal meine Config

    Edit: Verwende das Ardulight Set mit WS2801 50er LED Kette

    Hi niconuggler

    Iám online in chat, i can help you there if you want :)

    chat :

    Kind regards Speedy


    Originally posted by holymoly

    1r5-b10 works here complete perfect on ET8000, incl. Autostart and Standby.

    At the moment we are just flat out to create a new universal sketch for the Arduino/Adalight, which can be show a better color reproduction and black level. Hope we are finished with this in few weeks.

    Thats wonderfull news !!
    I will bring a new update soon, with a blackborder detector :)

    Gr Speedy

    In the logfile is see:

    ERROR: ambilight: no Lightpack device with vid 1d50 and pid 6022 found

    I think, your lightpack is crashing or something..
    Can you post you config ?

    Gr Speedy

    Updated to Beta10 ;)

    [Enigmalight BETA Test-Thread] Beta 0.1r5-b10 29-10-2014

    try start server manualy in a terminal:

    enigmalight -g

    then @ xbmc start lights.

    is that working ?

    Do you have this in your enigmalight.conf ??

    port 19333

    You need to add the ip from your box here.
    then restart enigmalight. after this it must work i gues..

    the problem that it will say Status: Not Running is weird, i need to look why this is not working.

    What for device do you have ?

    Gr Speedy

    Hi Erich

    Yes send values from xbmc will work, i use it also :)
    I will fix that update bug, thanks for the feedback :)

    Gr Speedy


    Originally posted by willwaswissen
    Two Lightpacks
    The colors works fine! (I have change: Brightness=2.5 and Gamma correction=1.6)
    But I have still every minute the message "Neues USB-Gerät gefunden."
    On 25.09.2014 00:18 you send me a spezial "Beta 9.5", there was this fixed and every other version have this problem!

    Edit: Sometimes Enigmalight freezes for about 10 seconds.

    Is this working ?

    Kind regards Speedy


    Originally posted by Carbonide
    Did you also find a fix for the problem with the LEDs not turning off when putting the box in standby mode as mentioned earlier in this thread?

    I will try to find a fix,
    But need a log file.
    And what box / leds / device you have ?

    Set in Enigmalight settings Debug to debug -> Console + Logfile
    and play with the lights and standby.

    after that send the logfile in /tmp/ in a pm.

    Gr Speedy