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    I don't know where to post this, so I am posting it here and hope a moderator will move it to its correct place. The STBManager program includes a file manager between the STB and a PC as well as powerfull, synchronised scripting between a Windows PC and the STB. Features include:
    1. Powerfull synchronised scripting of operations on PC and STB including file transfers, telnet commands, file selection and conditional statements.
    2. Filemanager for copying files/directories between PC and STB.
    3. STB/PC file editor that maintains linefeed/carriage return integrity of edited files.
    4. Filemanager allows allows setting file attributes, renaming, viewing and editing using right mouse button.
    5. Scripts can include help text that is displayed when single clicking on script name.
    6. Multiple STB support (can be different types of STB but must be Linux based).
    7. Manual included for writing scripts.
    8, Includes BouquetWizard 3 and button to run it.
    9. Includes a favourite WebSite facility.

    Please let me know if there are any additional features you would like to be included in the program.
    Report bugs/problems on this thread where I will pick them up and fix/advise.

    1. THAT the Microsoft VCREDIST has to be installed.
    2. Scripts (*.tms files) must be in the same directory as the STBManager is run from.


    Great image with many features not even documented in your documentaion.

    1. Timeshift works great.
    2. Stable so far - even timeshift doesn't disturb it.

    When you start timeshift, be sure to stop the recording as this does not automatically cancel - you could fill your disk quickly!

    Thansk again Gemini Team - great work.
    (I hope this is on the right thread).

    Thank you very much to the Gemini team.
    This seems like a great release, everything seems to work so far and the new features are better than great. Some of which are not even mentioned in your info page:

    1. Timeshift allowing pause, fastforward and rewind(rewind to where you started the pause obviously and fastforward until you have caught up with the broadcast).
    2. Blind Scan - haven't tested this yet, but it sounds like a very good idea if it is similar to that on Technomate 1500CI+.
    3. Watch a channel while recording another on the same transponder - this seems like a miracle as the box has only one tuner, but hey it seems to work-on testing again it does not work.

    And I am still familiarising myself!!

    Thanks for such a quick response.

    I think it didn't pose the 2nd question clearly. What I meant was not watching one channel and recording another channel. What I meant was to watch a previously recorded program while I am busy making a new recording.

    Thanks again, that is great. Three cheers for the Gemini team and the best image I have found so far (DM7025 and DM600).

    Does anybody know if the DM600 will get timeshift (pause Live TV) or whether it is even capable of doing timeshift?
    Will it support watching a recording while recording another program at some time?

    ON PC:

    1. Start Program / Run/ enter "cmd.exe" - this will start a command window (black background typically).

    2. in command window enter

    mkdir d:\dreamboxshare
    mkdir d:\dreamboxshare\movie
    net share mymovies=d:\dreamboxshare /unlimited

    mymovies is the name the dreambox will see and
    d:\dreamboxshare is the shared directory. It HAS to have a directory "movie" below it, which is where the movies will be recorded.

    Note forward and back slashes - it is important.

    That is the PC prepared. Remember that this share is public and can be seen by any device on the network (including the Dreambox or other STB).

    1. On remote press: Menu/Setup/Expert Setup/Communication Setup then press blue button or navigate to "mounts" and press enter. This displays the "Mount Manager". (Gemini)
    2. In the "IP" line enter the IP address of the PC you prepared as above.
    2a. Select "Cifs" in box to right of IP.
    3. Highlight "dir" line and press enter. Key in "mymovies" in the Dir field.
    4. In "Local Dir" key in "/media/hdd" or "/hdd". This depends on your STB but should be "/media/hdd" on Dreambox.
    5. In "Options" select "rw" - VERY IMPORTANT
    6. In "User" and "Password" enter a username and password that have access to your PC.
    7. Click on "AutoMount" if you want the share to be automatically mounted when you restart the Dreambox. (must be ticked for automount).
    8. Press yellow button to save.
    9. Press green button to mount.

    Make sure you get no error messages. If it all worked, you should now be able to record on your PC without any special software.

    The same method can be used to mount a Windows compatible NAS drive. By using Cifs you do not need a NFS NAS drive (which is typically much more expensive than the Windows versions).


    I use the autocam, and set the default for satellite (many 1000's of channels), but have to set each channel seperate for 323 cable channels. This is why I would like to edit the file directly, or at least save the file in case I lose the image. It looks like it is in /etc/Gemini.conf, but the list in there is not the same as displayed on the TV from the remote.

    I am sorry about the translation - I had no idea how good or bad it is and was not sure whether english would be acceptable on the forum as it IS a German forum. Sorry about that.

    The second question is really about the setting of cams in autocam:
    Would it be possible change the image to set the default cam per tuner or per satellite, rather than for the stb overall. I need, and I guess many others, need different cams for satellite and cable, so I have to set the default to the one needed for satellite and then set up each cable channel individually. This is just a suggestion that would make life a lot easier.

    As a question, in which file does the image store the provider/cam relationship? I might be able to edit this directly rather than with the remote which is clumsy.

    I wish I could speak German half as good as you guys speak English! My mother tongue is Afrikaans and I studied a little German until I was 14 years old, but have forgottem most of it - 40 years later! lol

    Zuerst: Meine Entschuldigung für In der Lage sein nicht, Deutsches zu sprechen. Dieser Text ist mit Systran Software übersetzt worden und konnte schwierig sein zu lesen.

    Ich habe einige Fragen:

    1. Ist es möglich, zwei Nocken, wie evocamd_2.16 und CCcamd2.03 gleichzeitig laufen zu lassen?
    2. Würde es möglich sein, das Zwillingbild zu ändern, um die Einstellung des Rückstellung Nockens pro Satelliten oder Kabel separat zu erlauben, als, autocam verwendend? Dieses verringert die Zahl Führungen, für die ein spezifischer Nocken eingestellt werden muß. In meinem Kasten ist der Nocken, der für Kabel benötigt wird, zu dem unterschiedlich, der für Satelliten benötigt wird.

    Ich hoffe, daß dieses im rechten Forum ist.

    Dank für ein großes Bild!

    Noch einmal Entschuldigungen für nicht sprechenden Deutschen.