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    I would like to help, but unfortunately the last time I studied German was in 1967 and I remember very little, not enogh to understand the thread. I tried translation using Systran software, but it is so mangled I cannot understand it.
    If you put your problem in English (I am actually Afrikaans so English is neutral language), I will be glad to try and help.

    I have thought about using the email functionality of the IP camera to trigger the plugin. I will look into that when I have a bit more time.

    The other enhancement I would like to make is to hand the remote back to the dreambox when you press the appropriate button on the remote and to get it back when you press the button again, but I have not worked out how to do this yet. I have asked the question on several websites.

    1. Dont know, someone else will have to answer.
    2. The images are updated at an update interval set in the configuration file (from remote). They can be frozen from the remote to study a specific image more closely, but essentially theu are live.

    Please post problems in English. Unfortunately my German is virtually non-existent and Systran does a very bad job in translating forum posts, so I cannort understand half the problems. I have a better chance if you post in Flemish as i am originally Afrikaans speaking. So the middle ground is English.

    If you post in English I am more than happy to help where I can.


    If you have downloaded version 1.2 then you need the {user}{password} on the back of the camera line. If you do not need them, use a dummy user/password.

    The conf file looks OK BUT

    There can be NO embedded spaces on any of the lines or at the end of the lines. Also the file should be a Linux style file with newlines byt no carriage returns. I will tighten parsing to give better error messages in the next version.
    There can be no spaces between }{ of the lines.
    The cameras has to support HTTP basic authentication.

    Only a snapshot protocol is supported - no rtsp or MJPEG or MPEG or any other form of streaming protocol. The camera has to send one jpg image for each request. This is done to control that the dreambox is not overrun and still allow Picture-in-Picture viewing on dreamboxes with single decoders (DM500HD, DM800, DM800se).

    The Dreambox has a fairly slow processor and, except for the DM8000 and Dm7025, only has one decoder. This means that PIP cannot be supported on most dreamboxes if the camera's streaming interface is used. IPCamViewer uses the snapshot interface that renders a single JPEG image for each request. This is decoded in software, allowing PIP viewing of the security camera on all dreamboxes, even those with single decoders. This also guarantees that the dreambox is not overrun by the camera(s).

    Systran translation:
    Das Dreambox hat einen ziemlich langsamen Prozessor und, außer dem DM8000 und dem Dm7025, nur einen Decoder hat. Dies heißt, dass ZACKEN nicht auf die meisten dreamboxes gestützt werden kann, wenn die strömende Schnittstelle der Kamera benutzt wird. IPCamViewer benutzt die Schnappschußschnittstelle, die ein einzelnes JPEG-Bild für jeden Antrag überträgt. Dieses wird in der Software decodiert und erlaubt ZACKEN-Betrachtung der Überwachungskamera auf allen dreamboxes, sogar die mit einzelnen Decodern. Dieses garantiert auch, dass das dreambox nicht durch die Kameras überlaufen wird.

    There is a plugin on OpenPli that allows you to use your Enigma2 STB as a security camera control centre. You can view camera(s) in single view, PIP, multiview, 4 cams at a time, and control Pan/Tilt/Zoom. PIP can be sized and positioned from the remote. Currently tested with DM500HD, DM800, DM800se, DM8000 and DM7025 and with Foscam, Marmitek and Axis cameras.
    The plugin is IPCamViewer.

    Thank you very much for the tutorial - it is great. I am sorry I can't speak German, otherwise I would have posted this in German.

    I have a further question, however: Is it possible to display a jpg image from memory(not disk). The memory was retrieved with resp = openurl("url"), so resp is 'file like' as you have to read it to get it to a memory pointer.

    Sorry if this seems a stupid question.

    I found DreamCamIP for viewing IP security cameras on Enigma1, but most of my dreamboxes run Enigma2, so I would like to make a plugin for Enigma2. However, I have never written a plugin, but did find good enough documentation on how to write a plugin(got a 'hello world' working). What I cannot find is documentation on how to display JPEG or MJPEG from a plugin. I don't mind writing the plugin in python and/or C. I would also appreciate any help on how to interface to a website from within the plugin as these cameras are accessed using http. In the meantime I will look at pictureviewer to see if I can get the info from there.

    I think such a plugin will become very useful as these IPcams are becoming cheaper and popular. The Enigma1 version is great and works like a charm.

    Any pointers, help, code snippets etc will be much appreciated.

    Have a look at OpenPli as well as Gemini as it is totally Open Source and has good EPG support, not just the now/next programs.

    There is not enough information here.
    Are you using TV sound or external amplifier for sound.
    Have you tried putting the sound into a different amplifier?
    Does this happen on FTA channels and encrypted channels?
    When you got the new box, did you download and install a fresh copy of the image and configure from scratch or did you copy configs back?

    Seeing as the box has been replaced multiple times, it would seem to indicate it is not the box, but something outside the box that is causing the problem, or you have a configuration problem.