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    The normalpicture player on the STB can play back the recorded images.

    The emulator is no good for playing back recorded images in standard form. |The emulator images are named in such a way as to allow the cam movement functionality, so it is not possible to play back standard rwecordings

    It is for people without an IP camera to be able to see hoe IPCamViewer works. It runs on the STB using recorded disk files of captured images rather than accessing a real camera ie. it emulates a camera.
    I dont think I will make it available again as there are unsecured cameras that can be used for testing like the camera at the Foscam development centre.



    Where did you get this ipk. I certainly did not make a release on that date! And nobody else should have the source.

    That config works fine with my DreamElite image and OpenPli, so there must be a difference between the images. From the output you posted it looks like the protocol is not getting prepended correctly to the URL and the authheader=none should not come through. It might be a difference in the python parser between the different images. I will have another look when I have some more time.

    That last "}" and newline characters after http:// should have been stripped by the way I parse the conf file, but it did not get stripped in your version for some reason.

    You can try the following to try and fool the parser(not too difficult as it is quite primitive):

    make protocol line:
    {command}{foscam.protocol}{ }
    {camera}{http://194.........etc as berfore}{dummy}{dummy}

    Use previous conf file and just leave the foscam.protocol line out

    Try the attached plugin.pyo or plugin.pyc. It's a bit of a hack, but it should now suppress the credentials and it works with the cam you are trying to access. Which of the 2 files to use is determined by your box; check the directory below to see which one is there.
    Unzip the files then
    Copy the files to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/IPCamViewer.
    (Both username and password must be dummy)
    and then restart the STB.

    Make sure that you copy the files as binary files not text files.
    Let me know how you get on.

    Make sure that you press 'enter' after the last line so the cursor moves to the next line (this will vary depending on which editor you use. The editor should also be Linux aware - it must NOT be notepad: it must insert only a linefeed at the back of each line not a 'carriage return/linefeed'. When editing on the dreambox, use 'vi' and the file will be the correct format. I will test the camera from my dreambox

    The parsing of the conf file is a bit brittle and I have not had time to improve it. Have a look that no embedded spaces anywhere in the conf file (except if they are specifically required). Also ensure that the last line has a newline(LF). The problem will be one of these 'invisible' characters as the file looks correct otherwise. If the problem persists, test the camera with security enabled and replace du,,y with username/password.

    The software has to be able to access the camera. If the IP changes it has no way of knowing what the new IP is, unless you use a Dynamic DNS server and access the camera by domain name. Look at as a DDNS.

    If you look earlier in the thread or in the manual it explains why I use snapshots and not video streams: STBs with single decoders would not be able to view the cams while watching TV. This includes DM800, DM800se. The only HD box that would allow PIP is the DM8000 and Sd is the Dm7025.

    I have had a look on the internet(quickly) but cannot find documentation of the commands for your camera. Contact your supplier as they must have it available somewhere. If you find it, post it here as it might be usefull to other people.