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    Which version of PCD image are you running?
    I would appreciate it if you send me the relevant folders.
    To me it looks like it is a problem on my image (PCD 7), but I have reflashed it twice already.

    I will pm you my email if it is OK.

    I finally got to the bottom of this problem on the DM600:
    The DM600 is a POWERPC CPU and therefore a big-endian device. The epg.dat file is little-endian and enigma refuses to load it, so unless the byte order is swapped Rytec's epg cannot work on the DM600.

    Now I am also not sure that this is entirely correct, as I copied the lamedb from DM500HD (mipsel processor) to the DM600 and that might have triggered the problem. However, EPGImport loaded many more events, so I am guessing that this did not cause the problem - I will investigate furthe - have done and same problem with DM600 lamedb.
    With the Dm600 lamedb 1099 events get loaded for UK, but none is displayed in the EPG on screen.

    Running enigma produces the following

    I think I found the problem in

    The log from the importer shows "Unknown channel" for all channels and this is because, I think, the channel names are all post fixed with ".uk" and this is compared to the channel dictionary, which I guess will not have the .uk on the end.

    As a matter of interest you can see the log from the import by pressing a long "info" while on the configuration of EPGImport. If you save the log it is written to /tmp

    I use rytec epg on dm500hd/dm800/dm7025 and it works fine, so I think the likelyhood of a service mismatch is minimal as the EPG does its matching by name from the feed to the name in the xml file - so if it works on one box it should work on all boxes(I guess).

    Maybe I need to re-install.
    Question: I flashed it with dreamup (serial LOL) the first time. Is it possible to flash it by holding the button while booting and just flash from a browser once the first flash has been done, or must I use dreamup every time (I know I can use the network in dreamup). In other words has only the second stage loader been changed or has the main bootloader also been updated to support downloading .nfi files.
    I really like the image, so I would love to get it all working.

    I am also trying to port my IPCamViewer to it, but I am still having some trouble with it. It doesnt crash, but it fails to display the jpg images.

    Thanks for the answer. I tried exactly the way you described and still get no EPG, except for now/next.

    Somewhere I saw something about required ipk installs, but I cant seem to find it again. Are there any additional installs that need to be done (except from the download menu in the image) ?

    I seem to remember something about python-twisted.ipk and some other.

    I will keep digging.

    Here are all the EPG log lines. It seems to do everything right, but some of the usubsequent lines must be deleting the EPG again.

    A stupid question:
    Getting the EPG:
    1.Move to channel in channel select list and press info, then press 'Single EPG'

    Is that the correct method, or must I do something different?

    The red text highlights the expected lines.
    The pink lines seems suspect as it looks like the EPG is being overwritten

    kalehrl: Thanks for the reply.
    Both files are there and have the indicated line in them.
    There is a file epg_new.dat in /media/hdd. I also tried copying this file to epg.dat (but it just gets removd).

    I restrted the GUI, but except for removing epg.dat, nothing happens, epg_new.dat is still there and no epg.dat.
    Itried it with downloading and rebooting linux as well, but no change. It seems like the line in the 2 scripts does not run for some reason

    It could also be a missing module as the enigma output produces the following:


    self.ifaces after loading: {'eth0': {'preup': False, 'ip': [192, 168, 1, 65], '
    [Toplevel.importExternalModules] Could NOT import external module: AutoTimer
    [Toplevel.importExternalModules] Exception Caught No module named AutoTimer.AutoTimerResource
    [Toplevel.importExternalModules] Could NOT import external module: EPGRefresh
    [Toplevel.importExternalModules] Exception Caught No module named EPGRefresh.EPGRefreshResource

    I find the following files on /media/hdd after the reboot:

    Hi PCD,
    As you might remember I was very sceptical about E2 on Dm600, but decided to try it anyway. Great work!
    I am surprised at the speed - I expected it to be a lot slower.

    I only have one problem - I cannot get the rytec-UK epg to load
    1. Go Import Configuration and set up the Rytec source and save it.
    2. I then do a manual download (yellow button)and it loads around 2900 events before it says the GUI needs to be restarted. Whether I reply yes or no it then restarts Enigma and afterwards there is still just now/next EPG.

    On my DM500hd I loose the EPG when I restart Enigma, so the restart seems wrong.

    Any help appreciated.

    Your problem is the same as clacger. I am working on it. I have found the fault. but have only managed to fix it partially.

    The plugin relies heavily on enigma2 running. I have not used fritzcall, so I don't know if it will be possible to integrate IPCamViewer into it. I had a quick look for documentation on fritzcall. but found only German stuff that looked like it might be helpfull; unfortunately I can't understand German. If you point me at some documentation, then I can have a look at providing the information you need.

    If anybody can tell me how to release the focus (give the remote back to enigma) while my plugin is running, then I can provie a nice solution to this problem. Unfortunately, at the moment the remote is only read by the plugin and I cannot work out how to release it.

    As a side note: My experience with Ubuntu 11.10 (3.1 kernel) has not been great. It causes all sorts of glitches on my USB card reader and I have reverted back to Ubuntu 10.10. So even when I fix the fault, you might still have problems.

    I have just discovered the same problem with OpenPli 2. It seems there were some lurking bugs, notably bad assignments that were not picked up by the previous version of Python. I will be fixing this when I have some time as it nolonger works on my own DM500HD.

    The reason for not supporting streams are extensively covered earlier in this thread.
    I will be VERY surprised if your camera does not support snapshots - all camers that I know of does. I will be surprised if Vivotek does not. Look through this thread, I think there are settings for Vivotek. Just contact the vendor or search on the web to find the correct URL.

    Is that "video2.jpg" a snapshot or a stream? You are playing it through VLC.
    Instead use your browser to go to the link - if you get moving video the url for the camera is wrong, it has to show a SINGLE picture from the camera.
    I would expect something like "image.jpg" - "video.jpg" might be "mjpeg" which is not supported.

    siggi126 :
    There is currently a problem with some cameras when authentication is disabled. I will look at the problem when I have time. It seems that even though authentication is disabled, IPCamViewer still includes basic authentication headers and some cameras then consider it an invalid access. Try enabling authentication as it might fix the problem. Otherwise you will have to try the fiddle earlier in this thread to fool the parser.