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    Version 3.0.0 Released

    E-Channelizer 3.0 is another major milestone that delivers a massive update introducing: revamped look and feel, a bunch of new features, as well as dozens of improvments, and numerous bug-fixes. This release aims to be the most robust experience yet!
    What's New | Download

    Changelog (English)



    • Clean user interface with fresh look and elegant graphics.
    • New tabbed toolbars organized in logical groups (Ribbon).
    • New toolbars in the context menus for the most used commands.
    • Info tooltips of the services, streams and bouquets (optional).
    • Support for the UHD services (H.265 / HEVC).
    • Support for the cable services (DVB-C Annex-C).
    • Support for the terrestrial services (DVB-T2).
    • Open and save settings in the zipped file format (*.zip).
    • Download services and bouquets from the web (KingOfSat).
    • Download satellites data from the web (LyngSat and KingOfSat).
    • Export satellites to a local file in the XML file format.
    • Delete services when deleting a satellite from the satellites.xml.
    • Filter services on UHD type and favorites.
    • Advanced bouquet search with highlighted results.
    • Change the parental control of services from the context menu.
    • Change the stream type (DVB, IPTV or RAW) from the context menu.
    • Better layout of alternative services with different display modes.
    • Show statistics of the current satellites and bouquets.
    • Search the local network for the connected devices powered by E2.
    • Rename and delete the groups of profiles.
    • Show the current service, EPG events, signal meter and device info.
    • Stream the current service.
    • Zap to the selected service or favorite.
    • Redesign and improve the integrated stream player (based on VLC).
    • Support seeking and show the current / total time while streaming.
    • Select audio tracks and video aspect ratio when streaming.
    • Change network caching (buffer) for smoother streaming.
    • Auto detect VLC in the application folder and program files.
    • Updated language translations, thanks to the authors.


    • Improved handling of streams and M3U lists.
    • Improved the quality and size of picons.
    • Give priority to the stream picon over the linked service picon.
    • Auto refresh the online status of all profiles.
    • Allow duplicate of profiles with the same host or IP.


    • Sort bouquets alphabetically.
    • Copy and paste streams into a bouquet.
    • GIF image files are not displayed when selecting picons..
    • Languages not loaded occasionally in the portable edition..
    • Other minor issues.

    Changelog (Deutsche)



    • Saubere Benutzeroberfäche mit frischem Look und eleganten Grafiken
    • Neue Toolbar mit tabs organisiert in logischen Gruppen (Ribbon).
    • Neue Toolbars in den Kontextmenüs für die meist genutzten Befehle.
    • Schnellinfos von Sendern, Streams und Bouquets (optional).
    • Support für UHD Sender (H.265 / HEVC).
    • Support für Kabelsender (DVB-C Annex-C).
    • Support für terrestrische Sender (DVB-T2).
    • Öffne und speichere Settings im Zip Dateiformat (.*zip).
    • Downloade Sender und Bouquets aus dem Internet (KingOfSat).
    • Downloade Satelliten Daten aus dem Internet (LyngSat und KingOfSat).
    • Exportiere Satelliten in eine lokale Datei im XML Dateiformat.
    • Lösche Sender wenn man einen Satelliten löscht aus der satellites.xml.
    • Filtere Sender mit dem UHD Typ und Favoriten.
    • Erweiterte Bouquetsuche mit markierten Resultaten.
    • Ändere die Kindersicherung von Sendern aus dem Kontextmenü heraus.
    • Ändere den Stream Typ (DVB, IPTV oder RAW) aus dem Kontextmenü heraus.
    • Besseres Layout für alternative Sender mit unterschiedlichen Anzeigemodi.
    • Zeige Statistiken von jetzigen Satelliten und Bouquets.
    • Durchsuche das Lokale Netzwerk für verbundene Geräte basierend auf E2.
    • Benenne um und lösche die Gruppen von Profilen.
    • Zeige den laufenden Sender, EPG Events, den Signalmeter und Geräteinfos.
    • Streame den laufenden Sender.
    • Zappe zum ausgewählten Sender oder Favoriten.
    • Der integrierte Streamplayer wurde neu designed und verbessert (basiert auf VLC).
    • Unterstütze suchen und zeige die aktuelle / gesamte Zeit beim Streamen.
    • Wähle Audiospuren und Bildschirmverhältniss während dem Streamen.
    • Geändertes Netzwerkcaching (Puffer) für sanfteres Streamen.
    • Automatisches detektieren von VLC im Anwendungsordner und "program files".
    • Alle Sprachen wurden aktualisiert, danke an die Autoren.


    • Qualität und Größe von Picons verbessert.
    • Gebe Priorität am Streampicon über das verknüpfte Senderpicon.
    • Automaitsches akutalisieren vom online-Status aller Profile.
    • Erlaube duplikate Profile mit gleichen Host Name oder gleiche IP.


    • Sortiere Bouquet Alphabetisch.
    • Kopieren und einfügen von Streams in ein Bouquet.
    • GIF Imagedateien wurden nicht angezeigt beim wählen von Picons.
    • Sprachen wurden manchmal nicht geladen in der portable Edition.
    • Andere kleine Probleme.

    Thanks To
    AIT YAHIA Idir, Clemens, DreamMuca, FRAP, GioppyGio, Huevos, Lulu, Luiz A. Rodrigues, Michael Pauser, Pan3o, Persian Prince, Rob van der Does, Satrunner, sirius black, spartak73, titovich, Vytenis P., wassa

    Sayyid A.

    Version 2.4.0 Released

    - Speed up the load time of settings.
    - Redesign and improve the "Edit Stream" dialog to be more intuitive.
    - Support RAW streams along with DVB and IPTV types.
    - Define the default stream type (useful when importing M3U streams).
    - Add, import and export picons of DVB streams with custom references.
    - Rename the picons imported from a folder using either SRP or SNP.
    - Filter bouquets on type (TV, Radio, or both).
    - Allow duplicate favorites in a bouquet (optional).
    - Define the Telnet port in the profile configuration.
    - Remember the last opened paths of different file foramts seperately.
    - Added Portuguese language, thanks to Luiz A. Rodrigues.
    - Updated all language translations, thanks to the authors.

    - Improved importing streams from M3U tracks/lists.

    - Error message when editing the reference of DVB stream.
    - Files renamed to lowercase when deleting the unused picons.
    - Other minor issues.

    Download or update if you already have a previous version of E-Channelizer.

    How to assign EPG and Picon to stream?

    Sayyid A.

    Version 2.3.0 Released

    - Support custom reference (dvb-service or user-defined) of IPTV streams.
    - Assign DVB service to IPTV stream by drag and drop while pressing CTRL.
    - Add, import and export picons of IPTV streams with custom references.
    - Define the streaming / transcoding port in the profile configuration.
    - Toggle match diacritical marks in the search results (e.g. Barça).
    - Display quick hints for better usability and user experience.
    - Added Latvian language, thanks to DreamMuca.
    - Updated all language translations, thanks to the authors.

    - Naming of alternatives file name, thanks to littlesat & Dimitrij.
    - Display '(no name)' for services with blank names.
    - Improved dragging / dropping of services and favorites.
    - Improved resizing of the main layout.

    - Streaming not working from some devices.
    - Display cable and terrestrial groups in the transponders list.
    - Filter and sort cable and terrestrial services.
    - Service not selected when right-clicking on the service name.
    - Refresh the online status of STB when using hostname or DNS.
    - Other minor issues.

    Download or update if you already have a previous version of E-Channelizer.

    How to assign EPG and Picon to stream?

    Sayyid A.

    Version 2.2.0 Released

    - New application logo.
    - Windows installer for better setup experience (recommended).
    - Open files from the Windows explorer context menu (installer only).
    - Display progress and prompt indications in the Windows taskbar.
    - Support hostname, DNS, and IPv6 in the profile configuration.
    - Show/hide password in the profile configuration.
    - Delete services of the missing satellites after loading (optional).
    - Show number of bouquets where services are favorited (sortable).
    - Show number of the other bouquets where favorites are existing.
    - Mark and highlight services which are existing in the current bouquet.
    - Allow to adjust the height of alternative services list.
    - Added French language, thanks to AIT YAHIA Idir.
    - Added Lithuanian language, thanks to Vytenis P.
    - Added Polish language, thanks to Pan3o.
    - Updated all language translations, thanks to the authors.

    - Combined the satellite filters with other service filters.
    - Improved search algorithm for better results.
    - Improved importing/exporting large numbers of picons.

    - Bouquets not loaded if renamed in the "" file.
    - Drop services/favorites into bouquets which include "<N/A>" items.
    - Import bouquets if no settings loaded yet.
    - Other minor issues.

    Download or update if you already have a previous version of E-Channelizer.

    What is the difference between installer and portable editions?
    How to open a support ticket?

    Sayyid A.

    Version 2.1.0 Released

    - Import bouquets from another settings (local file or STB).
    - Reload transponders, bouquets, and white/black lists.
    - Import and export picons using the normal service names.
    - Restore existing user configuration after upgrading (v2.x only).
    - Added Russian language, thanks to spartak73 and Qweeps.
    - Updated all language translations, thanks to the authors.

    - Display favorites as "<N/A>" if services not found (optional).
    - Improved copying/pasting services and favorites.
    - Improved zapping to service on STB before streaming.

    - Recreate empty "Favourites (TV/Radio)" bouquets after reloading.
    - Stuck while deleting files before writing settings on some devices.
    - Other minor issues.

    Download or update if you already have a previous version of E-Channelizer.

    More Screenshots

    Sayyid A.

    Version 2.0.0 is Out!

    This release shows a major user interface revamp, E-Channelizer has been completely redesigned to be much more simple, familiar, yet powerful experience. Aside from the new UI, version 2.0 also gets a bevy of new features and many improvements.

    - New fresh user interface, more stylish, natural and intuitive.
    - Switchable layout of bouquets and favorites (horizontal/vertical).
    - Show more details of service and transponder (selectable).
    - Show count of items while being dragged, with new visual effects.
    - Make text larger and more readable (optional).
    - Prompt for a profile when reading/importing from STB (optional).
    - Use alternative numbering of favorites (optional).
    - Show a tooltip with the original favorite name (optional).
    - Hide/unhide bouquets (useful for parental control).
    - Insert invisible markers (useful for custom numbering).
    - Edit transponder from services list and edit service dialog.
    - Select picons from SVG files.
    - Assign picons by drag and drop of image files.
    - Resize picons and change the color depth (32 or 8 bit).
    - Delete unused picons from the local folder.
    - Move deleted picons to "##deleted" subfolder (optional).
    - Import picons from STB.
    - Delete the existing files on STB before transferring picons (optional).
    - Simultaneous FTP connections (5-10x faster).
    - New support ticket system, powered by osTicket.
    - Remember user configurations (e.g. layout, filters,... etc).
    - Added Spanish language, thanks to titovich.
    - Updated all language translations, thanks to the authors.

    - Revert text size to normal (default).
    - Profiles list moved to the right instead of bottom side.
    - Improved open/save file dialogs.
    - Improved functionality and performance of the stream player.
    - Some keyboard shortcuts.

    - Add services/favorites to bouquets by drag and drop.
    - Write settings to multiple STB profiles simultaneously.
    - Other minor issues.

    Download or update if you already have a previous version of E-Channelizer.

    More Screenshots

    Sayyid A.

    Version 1.4.0 Released

    - Added displaying picons for services and favorites in 3 different sizes.
    - Added selecting picons from any image format (png, jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp).
    - Added importing/exporting picons using service references or names.
    - Added transferring picons to STB.
    - Added support for subservices.
    - Added support for invisible markers and bouquets.
    - Added highlighting services from favorites list.
    - Added top shortcuts for the most frequent commands.
    - Added German language, thanks to Clemens.

    - Show numbering in favorites list.
    - Improved handling of misformatted bouquets.
    - Improved handling of cable transponders and services.
    - Improved connectivity speed and performance.
    - Updated all language translations, thanks to authors.

    - Missing radio bouquets when reading settings from STB.
    - Minor reported bugs.

    Download or update if you already have a previous version of E-Channelizer.

    What are picons?
    How to setup picons?
    How to add / delete picons?
    How to Import / Export Picons?
    How to Transfer Picons to STB?

    Sayyid A.

    Version 1.3.0 Released

    - Added writing settings to multiple STB profiles simultaneously.
    - Added support for alternative services.
    - Added Arabic language.
    - Added Dutch language, thanks to Rob van der Does.
    - Added Persian language, thanks to Persian Prince.

    - Improved performance and memory usage

    - Minor reported bugs

    Download or update if you already have a previous version of E-Channelizer.

    - New tutorials are available online.
    - Localization can be speeded up now with the help of Bing translator.

    Sayyid A.

    Version 1.2.0 Released

    - Added importing IPTV channels from M3U tracks/playlists (links/files).
    - Added streaming STB services and IPTV channels.
    - Added built-in media player (based on VLC library).

    - Show URL schemes of favorite streams (http, rtsp, mmsh, ... etc).
    - Improved check process for updates.

    - Minor reported bugs.

    Download or Update if you already have a previous version of E-Channelizer.

    Sayyid A.

    Version 1.1.0 Released

    - Added initial setup to personalize language, colors and profiles.
    - Added support for OpenPLi cache format of audio PID, thanks to athoik.
    - Added Italian language, thanks to Satrunner®.

    - Show disturbing messages as pop-up toast notifications.

    - Failed to load settings if the satellites.xml format is invalid.
    - Failed to read/write settings while refreshing STB online status.
    - Minor reported bugs.

    Download or Update if you already have a previous version of E-Channelizer.

    Sayyid A.

    A stylish, fast, feature-rich yet lightweight settings editor for digital satellite set-top boxes powered by Enigma firmware.

    Supported Firmwares
    - Enigma 2,
    - Dreambox OS.

    System Requirements
    - Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 SP1 / Vista SP2,
    - .NET Framework 4.5 or higher
    - 5MB of free disk space.


    Bug Reporting
    If you ever find an issue or encountered a problem, kindly do not hesitate to report a bug to help us fix it and make the program better.

    Useful Links

    Sayyid A.


    • Flyouts.png

      (138.24 kB, downloaded 2,696 times, last: )
    • MainScreen.png

      (125.77 kB, downloaded 2,709 times, last: )
    • StartScreen.png

      (89.7 kB, downloaded 2,681 times, last: )

    [FONT="Impact"][SIZE="20"][COLOR="DimGray"]Picon[/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Update[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

    • All packages are updated based on Vhannibal settings 20100222.
    • A lot of missing picons are added (+500). All satellites are almost complete now.
    • Packages of 7E, 9E and 16E satellites are provided.
    • B/W picons (120x64 px) are provided for LCD Digital Skin plugin by aladin25.
    • 3D picons (70x53 px) are provided in service names for E1 images.
    • Picons of obsolete channels are removed to save space.
    • PNG files are compressed by more than 50% to save more space.


    • Picon4U.png

      (160.8 kB, downloaded 934 times, last: )
    • Picon4U.png

      (160.8 kB, downloaded 918 times, last: )

    Originally posted by mimi74
    you have a copyright on the picture ??

    There is no copyright, but at least you should respect others and their own work.
    It's not a shame if you simply mention from where you get it and created by who!


    Originally posted by mimi74
    I've take 5 picons in his package

    Only 5, really?! you who makes me laughing. It was better if you don't mention it.


    Originally posted by mimi74
    Some user ask me to have the 26E and 7W in my format, I've made it and taken the picture where it was

    It is no a problem when you take some missing picons to complete your package.
    But you simply take the whole package and just apply your rounded darken style!

    That was absolutely an easy job, hah? If you do not know, this is called a "MOD"!
    Actually, I always like your works. Hopefully you now have fun modding my work ;)

    Hi mimi,
    Your style looks really great, like always!


    Originally posted by mimi74
    Add the 26E and 7W packages

    Is not strange that almost YOUR 7W & 26E packages are EXACTLY similar to MINE ?!!
    That because I made a lot of picons myself and they are not available anywhere else!
    Even the same number of picons exactly!

    Surely faethon!
    Feel free to post further more or missing picons ;)