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    Mit der RC2 erkennt mein PC es nicht mehr im Netzwerk :frowning_face:
    Einstellungen sind die gleichen unter Netzwerkdienst->WIn/Mac/NFS->Microsoft Netzwerk

    Mit der Firmware davor ging alles !

    Neue Firmware ist da :

    [Official] QTS 4.0.2 Build0726 for TS-x69,x59,x39,509,809

    [Version & Build]
    QTS 4.0.2 Build0726

    [Applied Models]
    TS-x69, x59, x39, 509, 809, SS-x39

    [New Features]
    - QTS performance enhancement

    - Photo Station
    1. More pictures can be selected during photo import/upload
    2. Full screen support for slideshow
    3. Multiple pictures can be geotagged at the same time
    4. Deleting a picture will no longer refresh the page
    5. Photo file path is now linked to File Station for direct opening
    6. Adds password prompt when accessing Qsync or Private Collection
    7. On-the-fly video transcoding for TS-x59, TS-x69
    8. Performance enhancement
    9. Adds the ability to rotate the transcoded video files

    - Setup: add an option to pre-install home or business-oriented features during first time setup for TS-x69 series

    - Add the ability to clear partition in reset option (e.g. after reboot, the NAS enters Quick Setup status)

    - Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1e

    - Change SNMP output values from integers to strings
    - Smart fan improvement for TS-269 Pro/L
    - Download Station: add a disclaimer for the first time usage

    [Major Issues Fixed]
    - Unable to login to QTS under some circumstances
    - The destination folder could not be displayed in Rsync backup to Deltacopy Server
    - Symform could not be installed successfully
    - The HDD standby may not be functional in some circumstances
    - Advanced Folder Permission could not be applied if the name of subfolder is “A&B”
    - A guest folder was created automatically during anonymous FTP login
    - [Photo Station] User could not enter private collection if no password was set
    - Eaton Ellipse Max 600 UPS could not be recognized
    - [File Station] Uploading files greater than 2GB could fail
    - Google Drive Sync was unable to sync after the firmware update

    Habe grade auf meiner DM800se probiert aber es kommt eine Fehlermeldung :
    (X) UUID lesen

    was soll das bedeuten ?

    Es ist übrigens ein OE1,6 Image drauf und 4GB USB stick mit zwei Partitionen jeweis 2 GB groß EXT3 Formatiert (usb und usb1) geht jedoch auf beiden nicht :face_with_rolling_eyes:


    Nach mehrmaligen Neustart der Box hat es jetzt geklappt !

    hatte vorher knapp 7 MB freien platz jetzt zeigt er 4 MB in Flash und 1,9 Gb auf Stick !

    ist es normal ?

    Was geht momentan mit den Pulse-Eight USB HDMI CEC Adapter an der DM8000 ?
    Gibt es ein fertiges Plugin ?

    Geht der Fernseher mit an und aus wenn man die DM8000 ins Standby schickt ggf. weckt ?

    Hier was ganz frisches :winking_face: selbst jedoch wegen zeitmangel nicht getestet :frowning_face:

    [Beta] QTS 4.0.0 Build0510 for ARM & x86
    [Version & Build]

    QTS 4.0.0 Build0510 for public beta

    [Applied Models]

    TS-x10, x12, x19, x39, x59, x69, 509, 809, SS-x39

    [Change Log]

    QTS 4.0.0 OS

    Multi-window, multi-tasking web administration

    - advanced system status and alert notification via Dashboard

    - multiple desktop spaces

    - view active backup or anti-virus scanning jobs

    - drag and drop or grouping icons for settings or application shortcuts

    - personalized icons, shortcuts, wallpapers, and views

    - quick search for finding settings or online help more easily

    - access or unmount USB/eSATA storage devices easily

    - built-in outgoing e-mail (SMTP) server support for Gmail,,, etc.

    - each shared folder now contains a recycle bin

    - Station Manager for enabling/disabling various stations

    File Station (replaces Web File Manager)

    - photo thumbnails for quick preview

    - displays local computer files for file upload and download

    - built-in video and music player

    - video transcoding (beta)

    - file/folder sharing via download links

    - file/folder compression/decompression

    - folders can be added to favorites for quick access

    Photo Station 3

    - photo tagging, color labeling, and rating for quick search

    - timeline and folder views

    - animated video thumbnail for previews

    - share photos and slideshows by email or URL

    - share photos to social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

    Music Station 4

    - ID3 tag editor

    - static lyrics display

    - personal and shared playlists

    - Built-in TuneIn Radio with over 70,000 live radio stations and podcasts

    - share music by email or URL

    - share music to social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc

    QNAP DLNA Server (beta) with transcoding support

    Media library

    - customizable media folders

    - supports Photo Station, Music Station, File Station, and QNAP DLNA server

    - video transcoding

    AirPlay (via QAirPlay app)

    - stream media files to Apple TV via web-based controller or Qfile on

    myQNAPcloud (replaces MyCloudNAS service)

    - remote access with testing tool (account registration is required)

    - (Beta) CloudLink for remote access without complicated router settings

    - device overview on

    Backup Station

    - consolidated backup center

    - (Beta) Smart Import for automatic photo and video import from connected digital cameras via the front USB port (Media Transfer Protocol support)

    Surveillance Station Pro 3

    - Improved user interface

    - Support Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox browsers on Windows PCs

    - Support over 1200 IP cameras, including fisheye cameras and ImmerVision enabled Panomorph viewing

    App Center with certified apps and beta lab


    Qsync (beta)

    - data synchronization between Turbo NAS and Windows PCs

    - full sync and smart sync modes

    - selective folder synchronization

    - create download links for file sharing

    - team folder for collaboration

    - recycle bin

    Windows Qfinder

    - Enhanced user interface

    - Standalone first-time NAS setup

    - Resource monitor

    - SMTP mail server configuration

    - My favorite

    myQNAPcloud Connect for Windows (replaces MyCloudNAS Connect)

    - easy and secure remote access via VPN

    Mobile Apps: (available from the Apple App Store and Google Play)

    - Qmusic (beta)

    - Qfile HD for iPad

    - Qfile

    - auto photo/video upload

    - supports Qsync


    Note 1: The QTS 4.0 beta firmware for rackmount and TS-x79 models will be available in June, 2013

    Note 2: Firmware downgrade is not permitted for the following models: TS-x12, TS-x69 Pro/L

    Hier zur Download :
    [Beta] QTS 4.0.0 Build0510


    Original von juanito_perez
    Nimm doch mal bitte deine vielen Dateien weg.
    Was passiert mit wenig Dateien in der Freigabe nach dem Rebbot?

    Ich werde das Gefühl nicht los, dass du ein paar "schlechte" mp3s in deiner sammlung hast.....


    Habe jetzt einfach TwonkyMedia_6.0.34_x86 genommen und siehe da ruhe :winking_face:

    Ich habe den Qnap TS439 Pro II

    Und ja habe es so gemacht wie du es geschrieben hast !

    Und ja er macht es jedes mal wenn er hochfährt von 10 Uhr bis so um 21 Uhr immer auf 80-99 % auslastung :frowning_face:

    jetzt nach 13 Stunden, 55 Minuten, 55 Sekunden :

    Habe auch :
    Version: TwonkyServer 7.0.13
    Videos: 0 Musiktitel: 27759 Fotos: 0

    aber trotzallem sollte er nicht nach jeden neustart alle 27759 neu durchsuchen !? oder ?

    Music station habe ich aus !

    So sieht es bei mir aus :