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    Maybe you know that krallekit launched aMule for Dreambox.

    Unfortunatelly there was some problems with Gemini image that required
    recompilation of libstc.s0.6 and

    So you dont need that anymore. 8)

    To run aMule you need:
    upload aMule-2.0.3-Gemini2.6.tar.gz to Dreambox directory /hdd
    cd /
    tar -xzvf /hdd/aMule-2.0.3-Gemini2.6.tar.gz
    cd /hdd/aMule

    after that you can connect to aMule via your webbrowser
    http://<dream address>:4771

    NB: I creeated configuration without password (Im behind firewall).
    If your dreambox connected directly to internet you need to change
    respective aMule settings in directory: /hdd/aMule/.aMule

    Hope it helps,
    with best wishes

    I got question from people about how does it work.
    Everything is quite simple.
    First I need to say that I did that becouse I believie that DM7000 & DM7020 will have
    same kernel and driver API. That means that for user software like Enigma or
    Midnight Commander it is not important to know which real hardware is installed
    (memory device, tuner type).
    All that is important that all required devices are mounted and API is supported.

    Now what I did (Im typing from memory):
    I unpacked nfi-file (nfi is new image format for DM7020) to /hdd/fwpro/oe
    where FlashWizard hold its images and created required file with image name
    for FW.
    Thanks to noggie for his nfi-unpacker.

    I need to say that OpenEmbeded image is more complicated that regular DM7000 image. In fact /etc/rcS file do not do too much but starts initialization
    script files from special directory in alphabetical order.

    So when rcS is started by FW then some devices are allready initialized and initialization just fail for that devices.
    (but who cares??? they are working and support required API)
    I had problem only with one device (do not remember which one) so
    I removed initialization script for it.
    Then I added another initialization script to end that just starts Enigma.
    I still have some problems with some (3 or 4) libraries that was named differently and not found by Enigma (do not know reason of that problem).
    Then I created links wor that files and ...
    Enigma started!
    WebIF worked!
    Channel scan worked!
    Teletext worked!
    Games worked!
    I backuped image using FlashWizard and uploaded it to site.

    As I know now there are some problems with hdd mounting, shutdown and some other small things ...
    But I suppose that it is easy to fix.



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    In fact it is impossible to post image as img file becouse it is completelly
    different memory model. Of course I could gzip it or whatever.
    But I used FlashWizard image format becouse it simplier to install for
    majority of users.
    Yes, FlashWizard image-files was originally introduced for backup
    purposes...but now it have also another meaning. 8)

    Am I missed some important point?

    If you have an idea on how to post this image in different format Im open to hear about it.

    With best wishes

    A lot of thing included in image by default. I didnt dig too deep into it.
    But anyway you can add anything you wish using OpenEmbeded environment.
    Im planing to publish script that creates DM7000-compatible image
    from nfi file in next days.


    That is OpenEmbeded image created for DM7020 and adopted for DM7000.
    You need DM7000 firmware ver 1.9 flash memory and FlashWizard beta5.0 RC_1.
    Some things are not working (like proper shutdown) but I dont want even
    research why.
    I prove the concept then image makers can polish it.

    I need to say thank you to:
    - noggie for his tools and research of DM7020
    - musicbob for his FlashWizard
    - firmware developers that make such thing possible

    With best wishes

    PS: I tested image on hdd. NFS does not worked for me.

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