Universal remote

  • Hi M8`s

    Any of you using a universal remote for the dm800 ?

    I have tried 3 universal until now and they all work on my dm500 + dm7020 and television, dvd and so on, but not on the dm800.

    Are there any special things happening in the dm800 since its not working.

    Kind regards.

  • Logitech Harmony 895 working also.

    Dreambox OS/GP4.1
    Image: Unstable (OE 2.5)
    Skin: Zombi-Shadow-FHD

  • Logitech Harmony ONE works perfect, but you´ll need the Logitech support to get the "Dream MultimediaTissax Final" profile...

  • Thanks M8`s for letting me know what works on the 800. ;)

    Im abit curious about why it work on all my boxes, tv and so on and not on the 800 ( universal remotes). `cause when i use the org. remotes from the 7020 or 800 both of them works perfect on both boxes.
    What is so special that the 800 dont works on the universal. Is there something "hidden" behind the codes!!
    If i take the org remote and point it to my datasampler it can read info out of it but when i take the codes and put it in my universal it doesnt work on the 800 only on the 7020.
    hmmmmm cant understand it, but maybe you can.

    I will tak a copy of this one an dput it on dmm also to see what they say.
    THANKS again :)


  • Regarding the logitech harmony remotes: are you guys sure these now work well with 800? I've used them extensively before with 500/600 boxes (using tissax profile) and they worked great.

    Upgrading to 800 (but keeping the remote config unchanged) works but the box is pretty unresponsive/erratic... kinda like the earlier boxes behaved without tissax profile.

    Reconfiguring the remote using the default settings for dm800 didn't improve things, but it was a while ago since I tried it (with harmony 895).

  • you have to use the tissax profile und change the repetitions in the settings to 0, then the harmony one works great! ( better than the original one..)

  • hi, das tissax-Profil wird deinem Konto bei Logitech zugefügt wenn du bei deren Support drum bittest. Der tissax ist ein User der zusammen mit einem Logitechtechniker das Profil für die Dremboxen optimierte...und mit der One zumindest funktioniert das Profil reibungslos...

  • Hallo!

    Hänge mich mal hier dran. Die Harmony One hat, soweit ich das von Bilder auf der Logitech Website beurteilen kann, keine Farbtasten (rot, grün, gelb, blau) Wie habt Ihr Benutzer das geregelt, stellt das ein Problem dar und wie ist der WAF?

  • Hi,
    die One hat keine sogenannten Hardkeys für die Farben aber man kann sie auf den TouchScreen bringen.


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