problems recording on HDD,DM 7025

  • Any logical explanation for my problem,please.My 7025 is with gemini 3.80 in flash,nabilo,newnigma2 and LT on CF 256Mb.I am using gbox 2.25 with all images.Just with gemini I cant record on HDD 200Gb,when recording scramblled channel,which gbox opens.It is shown "recording sarted...",but after is not able to read from HDD,even is not possible io open the file on PC.When trying free channell,no problems at all.All the other images no problems...Any idea?

  • Sorry,it was mistake with my connection,I saw it few minutes after,but didnt know how to delete other two...BTW,this is english corner and still german words under the message space,I am not shure which button for which option.Sorry once again,but no answer for my post?