CLi DM7020_1.01 Image

  • Hello Friends,

    First DM7020 image from the Team. Hope you like it. smile
    To use on USB,CF card and Hdd whit BarryAllen

    Features :

    Enigma cvs of 080615.

    Automatic download and install of softcams, plugins, skins etc.

    Stream to dreambox media files mp3, mpeg, dvd, divx, etc. and internet tv.

    Softcam setup, scriptmanager, configure Inadyn and Crontab.

    Shortcut buttons :

    Blue - Cli Panel ; 0 - Plugins.

    Details :

    Softcam download and setup :-
    Blue button -> Cli Panel -> Downloads and Addon Manager -> Select Softcam

    Softcam start and stop :-
    Blue button -> Cli Panel -> Softcam Setup -> Save selected softcam
    Reboot the first time. To stop select Common Interface and Save.

    Play media files from pc on dreambox :-
    Put media files (.mp3,.mpg) in a share folder on pc. Mount CIFS.
    Go to File Mode and select /root/mnt. The share folder list will show.

    Play media not ok with CIFS :
    In /etc/tuxbox/config/movieplayer.xml - edit dvd =1 for dvd or
    file =1 for file. Start VLC player on pc and start Network Stream of
    the media. At dreambox - Blue button -> Cli Panel -> select Stream2DB.

    Play internet tv on dreambox :-
    Open an internet broadcast on pc (for example the BBC News Bulletin at
    h**p:// Rightclick on the video, select Properties
    and copy the Location address. Start VLC player, select Open Network Stream.
    Select HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS and paste the Location address there. Next select
    Stream/save and Settings. In the Target box insert :-
    ab=192,channels= 2}:duplicate{dst=std{access=http,mux=ts,ttl=6,
    url=:9090/dboxstream}} --sout-keep

    Start VLC stream with OK and OK. Then at dreambox - Blue button ->
    Cli Panel -> select Stream2DB.

    Run cronjob :-
    Edit /etc/crontab to insert the command line. Or put a list of commands
    in /etc/croncmd and configure crontab with Blue button -> Cli Panel ->

    Run userscript :-
    Put user scripts in a folder /etc/script and run a script with Blue button
    -> Cli Panel -> Scriptmanager.

    Configure Inadyn :-
    Edit configure file /etc/inadyn.conf with Blue button -> Cli Panel ->
    -> Inadyn.

    Service logo (picon) :-
    Put picons in a folder /etc/tuxbox/icon. Tick "Show service logo"
    in Menu -> Setup -> Expert Setup.

    Regards, tunhj1.

    On behalf of the CableLinux.Info Team.

    Image come online soon again


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    Have Fun And Dream On

    DF-II Team Member :pokal:

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  • Hallo

    ich bekomme Fehlermeldung bei der Installation?? ( wird auf USB Stick installiert.)

    Die Datei habe ich aus 2 verschiedenen Quellen heruntergeladen und beide Male gleiche Fehlermeldung??

    Kann jemand das bestätigen??

  • Jo bei mir auch das gleiche problem


  • We test the image on usb whit BarryAllen, whit no problem, and I have now test the Image on USB whit FW and is come up 1 erro message, but if you restart the box, the Image is up and run ;)

    But I will delete the Image, and we will fix the erro :)

    Sorry :gutenmorgen:

    Have Fun And Dream On

    DF-II Team Member :pokal:

  • Bei mir das gleiche, nach Installation im Flash bootet die Box nicht und bei Flashwizard auf CF kommt eine Fehlermeldung bei der Installation.

  • Image removed because of flash-boot mistake.