MultiUser Feature??

  • As every other receiver owner, i have customized my DB as per my preferences on channels, services, plugins and all others.
    the problem now is i have my kids watching TV, sometimes without my guidence as when i'm not around. i tried to solve the situation by locking all the unsuitable channels with a pin code as usual.

    but i then thought that with the high potentials of the DreamBox and the huge knowledge that Gemini team has. It could be possible to have Gemini with multiuser feature, that is with in the boot process , gemini should ask for the selection of user, the PIN code if configured so, then load the appropriate settings accordingly. this menu should have a timeout of 5 seconds afterwhich the default user settings loaded,also thismenu should be deactivatable if needed.

  • Sers,

    this is a really good idea!
    Creating a new user is not a problem, even bouquet/channel list assigning for every user should be very simple throught moving them to users home folder and link them.
    The only difficulty I see is to switch user, especially without restarting enigma at the moment.
    Maybe this could be done with a runlevel switch, should be faster than a restart.
    I don't know if it's possible just to reload the files.

    Hope somebody has an idea how to do this!

    BTW: This is german board, so please try to post in german!



  • Sir,
    I think the addition of such feature into the already so successful image such as gemini is going to make it a must have evenfor the opposers.

    regarding the language, i would love to post in german but I'm afraid german is a language i cant speak :(

    so i think i'll just post in your english forum from now on...forgive me
    but please,relay the Idea to the german speaking members

  • normally I implement this feature by Multibooting different images with Barry Allen, on a 7000 the same would work with Flashwizzard :-)

    My Flash is kids safe, and all other images i could add a PIN in Barry Allen for booting them (a feature FWZ doesn't have, sorry).

    PS: Enigma1/2 runs as root, so user level Unix protection is not very usefull


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  • I think it would be much nicer if we could switch user at one image.

    I know Enigma runs at root, we need a way to log on another user. File access shouldn't be a problem if you meant that. We could simply link the bouquet/setting files to the user directory of the currently logged in user...

    Do you know a way we could try to log on as another user? I created an user at my box but I dont know how to log in/out.