full sat scan misses many transponders

  • hi,

    I dont know if this happens to me only, when I do a manual scan of one full satellite, in many cases the dm800 will start showing channels but then i gets to a transponder that he dont like and no more channels are added for the rest of transponders.

    does this happen to you?

  • Maybe you have the problem i had.

    Dm800 tuner is more sensitive and i had to buy a bigger plate to capture more signal, below 12db its not sure that you can scan all channels.

    Try to tune the LNB or bigger plate. I had the same problem and i worked it out with this.

    Hope it helps

  • but that would not explain why it stops finding channels from a certain TP all the way to the end.

  • If they are DVB S2 channels bouquet maybe thats the problem.
    DVBS2 channels are more sensitive, i had the same problem and i resolve it like i said.

    Check how many DBs you have now on that satelite

  • same problem here.
    It stops on some transponder for some sat (26E, 25.5E,21.6E,10E,1W..)
    but 13E, 19.2E, 28.2E & 30W have no problem. Perhaps why not so many people are concerned.

    I recently change my satellites.xml file and was able to scan 25.5E, that I can"t do before. I have to retest other sat, but I guess this has something to do with this files, either some corrupted tags, or juste seom trasnponder info the DM800 do not support.

    I am going to try removing transponder line where the scan hang and check if it helps.

  • Effectively, erasing some lines from the satelittes.xml solves the problem.
    Everytime the scan freeze on a transponder, I edit the file, remove the line, restart enigma2 and scan again.
    Very boring.
    Seems there is a bug somewhere : Enigma2 or Gemini ? I did not try other images than Gemini so I can't compare.

    Perhaps an idea is to add some sort of timeout to go to thez next transponder after X sec if no service found.. Don't know, but boring and worst when you get a new updated satellites.xml and that you have to redo everything..

    Some non-working :
    <sat name="Intelsat 10-02/Thor 2/3/5 (0.8W Ku-band)" flags="1" position="-8">
    <transponder frequency="10987000" symbol_rate="5632000" polarization="1" fec_inner="3" system="0" modulation="1"/>

    <sat name="Badr 3/4/C (26.0E Ku-band)" flags="1" position="260">
    <transponder frequency="11752000" symbol_rate="3885000" polarization="0" fec_inner="3" system="0" modulation="1"/>

    Tel me if you need other for testing, I have plenty :-)

  • @Developers,

    For when a new fix for tunner with correct db on SNR?

    Here I have same problems, taking me to scan manually each DVB-S2 transponder, and not being able to scan an entire sat.

    Satelite Regards,


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