E2_LOADEPG ver. 0.40 (modular version: SkyItalia + BSkyB)

  • Finally a fantastic epg solution in enigma2 for sky uk :)

    Thanks to Ambrosa who wrote E2_Loadepg for Sky Italy and was willing to adapt his script to enable BskyB via Radiotimes (unfortunately Opentv used by Sky UK iseems from Sky Italy so no transponder mode). If anyone knows how to read Sky UK opentv please do share.

    E2_Loadepg is now modular so anyone with some experience of Python and using the modules attached as an example can make their own modules to download data and then letting E2_loadepg create the epg dat file.

    Installation is discussed in the installation.txt within the package. I have tested it with Gemini 3.6 but should work on any E2 system.

    E2_loadepg can be downloaded here E2_Loadepg or from the attachment.

    I am attaching also my personal bskyb.py file which is using some variables from Radiotimes data. Those are:

    Star_rating: most movies are rated by RT. I added relative *’s at the end of titles and at the beginning of the description.

    Episode name/numbers: where available episode names and numbers are added to the end of the title

    Choice: RT marks certain programs every day as choices of the day. Those programs will have " - TIP!" added to the title. This way one can easily spot their tips in thr epg and also search for them within Gemini EPG search. Searching for "TIP!" you will get a list of all RT choices listed by date - browse through and set timers.

    Year: added at the end of description year of movie.

    I didn't have much luck with premiere or repeat variables. Those seem unreliable to me - perhaps someone has more experience with those. Surely the use of the variables can be done better and/or different. If you would like those additions you have to replace bskyb.py with the one in the attached bskyb-adapted.zip or from the Examples folder in the release.

    If you do make more changes to the variables you must rebuild the cached files.

    Please do not refresh data every day - if possible every 5-6 days - we don't want to overload RT and are very grateful that they supply the xml data for free to us private users.

    I am further attaching my excluded_sid.conf file – which is used to enter channel sid’s that should not be processed. Some channels have multiple versions like for example Channel 4 and this makes Gemini EPG search and Autotimer less flexible. Just adapt settings to your needs.

    The e2_loadepg.log has all needed information’s for sid’s and channel name problems etc. After running e2_loadepg you can study it and adapt settings as required.

    The bskyb-channel_list.conf file is not 100% accurate – RT uses some strange names and I did not know the corresponding names used in lame.db. Just activate the channels you like and adapt channel names if needed (see log file). Ambrosa does not receive BskyB so he could not test himself.

    Special thanks to Ambrosa for adapting his script and all the time he put into this. Very appreciated.

    Enjoy regular sky epg !

    PS: Within e2_loadepg.conf you have to specify which modules should be used - if you will be using bskyb only then setting is:

    PPS: The dat file created will destroy your stored epg data and you will have to refresh epg for other channels.

  • Hi from ambrosa.

    E2_LOADPEG is not a ... "plugin".
    It' is a standalone software that can be run in every Python equipped system like embedded system (DM7025) , PC , Mac .....
    It's not intended to be used a a "plugin" as people know it (BLUE PANEL -> Plugin). Max portability = no "C" code = poor performance. A single run is completed in about 10 minutes.
    It remember XMLTV with addedd the EPG.DAT generation capability.

    Please read carefully INSTALL.TXT file included in package.

    In package there is the directory named "Examples/" : you can find microch's files so you don't need to download from here, just download complete package.

    (full source code included)

  • I've reported here in german.
    Thanks Ambrosa for your great work :top:

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  • hi

    bin gerade am testen , klasse !!

    thx for the work !!


    ZITAT : oft ist es so man schaltet um und die ersten fünf minuten sind ganz o.k. blötzlich stellt man fest es ist ein horrorfilm :face_with_rolling_eyes:

  • very good tool, thanks a lot

    i hope you'll add scandinavian channels too :winking_face:

  • is it also tested by anyone on dm 800?

    woudn't want to have to report after installation nobody mentioned it won't work?

    seems (info and link added by pasurimi) it does look really interessting.

    I might just try when my family is still out and taking cover in town.


    bin nicht sicher, ist Anne Will ministerin?

  • :) Check it here

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  • EyeTV is a software that manages the two DVB-S tuners on my mac. It connects automatically and in background to TVTV.it and downloads from there the EPG of all channels I need, and which don't have a 7d dvb-EPG, like Mediaset, SkyItalia, RAI and TPS. EyeTV can download from all 8 european TVTVs, from IceTV (Australia), from TitanTV (USA) and from some asian sources. As you can see, it covers most of the countries of Dreambox users :smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

    I think that it would be very useful and interesting to have a TVTV-module in this software of Ambrosa :winking_face:

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  • Hey, i just tried this plugin on my dm800 with gemini 3.7, and it only works for some channels. I set the mode to BskyB only.

    I edited enigha.sh and i ran e2_loadepg.py.
    I didn't touch the *-channel_list.conf.

    Its working for Sky three for example, but not for Sky one, two, .....

    Is there something more i have to do?

    thx in advance


  • for me it helped changing the value to exactly matching my channel list e.g.:


    # 47 , BBC4
    47=1,bbc four

    changed to:

    # 47 , BBC4
    47=1,BBC FOUR

  • At this Point we know how the EPG will be read and refill. Now can be the next Step a central Server with a kind of epg plugin for all channels. because the tv-homepages have a longer time there programm online and the epg will be shown very often only 2 titles to 3 or 7 days into the future.

    this is only a idea, and if anyone makes the phyton part, i can make the server part in php for example.

    if a channel can not be downloaded from a channel on any website its posible to say to a asking box (thats in standby), please tune to this sender and send me the data. thats a simple way to got a EPG with everytime actual data.

    in the next step everyone can programm this timers over this side. a kind of gemini epg and remote programming tool?

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  • Is it also possible to use an usb stick instead of cf or hdd?

    I ran the script on a dm800 with cvs image and now it's not booting anymore (even without the change in enigma2.sh).

    I'll try it tomorrow with gemini, but I'd like to use usb instead of hdd (as the 800 lacks cf).

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  • Quote

    Originally posted by BillyBlue77
    Is it also possible to use an usb stick instead of cf or hdd?...

    There is a new version out "E2_LOADEPG ver. 0.43" that can be installed on /media/usb

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  • No matter which version of LoadEPG (0.40/0.43), no matter which dreambox image (cvs or gemini 3.7) and no matter which storage device (hdd/usb), everything wents smooth concerning the download and turning the device to standby afterwards, but with the next restart, the dm800 is stuck at booting.

    The only way out of this is reflashing. :frowning_face:

    Even changing the enigma2.sh afterwards (via FTP) to default doesn't do the trick.

    Any ideas?

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  • I have exactly the same problem regarding bootup as billyblue77 but on my 7025+

    any suggestions for a fix would be appreciated

  • you must to use notepad++ to edite the enigma2.sh, if you use ubuntu switch gedit for encode ansi, utf-8
    is NOT GOOD


  • Quote

    Original von Teconderoga
    you must to use notepad++ to edite the enigma2.sh, if you use ubuntu switch gedit for encode ansi, utf-8 is NOT GOOD

    Thanks, I finally got it to work using notepad++ on windows. Had problems using "TextWrangler" on a Mac, even though I use it for all other configs on the dream (using Linux file encoding).

    Is there a possibility to get the missing channels for Sky UK (BSkyB), especially the HD ones? Channel 6 (Ireland) is also missing. But besides that, it works like a charm and it's so great to have EPG for Sky finally... I love it! Thank you so much!

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  • Sky HD works.. just use the channel names from teh SD Channels; they use to have the same programm.