sky uk 800

  • does any one know if cccam team are working on a new cccam so you can use uk card direct without newcs.
    having problems to config newcs it has been about 2 years now plus you can't beat the cccam on its own so easy for people like me.

  • Hi
    my sky card works fine in 7025 using ccam 2.09 ..i understand that the dm800 use,s same addons etc , i think it should work !


  • hi krusty

    can you explain a little bit how you done it , pls

    any change in newcs.cfg etc ?????

    cant get it to work here :(

    thx for your help mate


    ZITAT : oft ist es so man schaltet um und die ersten fünf minuten sind ganz o.k. blötzlich stellt man fest es ist ein horrorfilm :rolleyes:

  • hi

    sure , gemini bp config etc. no luck yet......

    maybe a made a slide error ... ??


    ZITAT : oft ist es so man schaltet um und die ersten fünf minuten sind ganz o.k. blötzlich stellt man fest es ist ein horrorfilm :rolleyes:

  • don't you need to add the boxkey of your sky certified receiver to the bird's config ?

  • Hi
    i am currently running LT 4 but even with gemmi i,m sure it worked , just installed image in flash , did a scan .then downloaded via blue panel CCam 2.9 and nothing else ...restarted cam again via blue panel and my sky card works fine ..i have only free view and and setanta subscriptions . but they all work fine ...dont really know wot else to say , .
    if you have specific questions let me know and i,ll have a look at configs etc .
    sorry cant be more help


  • I've been using my Sky UK Card in my 7025 for more than a year. It works with various different versions of CCcam up to and including 2.09
    From memory I think it's pretty much worked on every new version since about 1.4 So it should really work.

    Generally speaking with the Cam enabled it takes about 1 - 5 seconds for the Card to start working.

    I have never had to input the boxkey in the config. (although I have read in many places that this should be necessary).

    However it used to be necessary sometimes to leave the receiver switched on and tuned to an encrypted Sky Channel (say overnight) to update it.
    In that case I used to leave it on Channel 4.

    Maybe this will fix the problem?

    Also (apologies if this is stating the bleeding obvious) is your Sky Card inserted in the Card Reader Slot correctly? In the 7025 the chip on the Viewing Card needs to be facing downward.

  • i have been using my sly uk card in cccam for well over 18 months in my 7025 but it does not work in my 800.and i have no idea how to config newcs.

  • my sky viewind card doesn't work also in my dream 800 before in my 7000 without problems in my cccam versions...

  • can any say if cccam team are looking into this problem please as it is a BIG pain for us sly uk users.

  • I'm using my Irish Sky card for about a year and a half with CCam with no problems at all. In fact the only time I ever used the Sky box was just so the installers could activate the card initially, that's it.
    Currently using CCam Complete 2.08 downloaded via blue button if that helps.
    I also use a UK Freesat card to receive Channel 5 (used to need it for Channel 4 also here) so effectively two Sky cards in the one box.

    I didnt need to configure anything at all, it just works simple as that.

    I've a 7020 btw.

  • I can confirm that Sky card does not work on DM800 with CCCam 2.09.

    I believe it does work with CCCam 2.09 + NewCS 1.60, but haven't tried it, and don't really want to have to run NewCS...