DM800 Problem

  • Dear All

    i have DM 800 HD and Al Jazeera original sports card, how to make it work on the DM 800 please.

    when i insert the card to the DM800 nothing happens

    please help

  • U should install a softcam and config. Maybe CCcam works?

    Just download Cam and config using Bluepanel. Or download it from Database and install it manually.

  • thank you very much

    i will try it today, is there any link i can read to learn more about original cards.

    the Dream support team said its not poosible as the built in cam can read dreamcrypt only

    i will let you know

  • Quote

    Original von nofear-tn
    i tried all the cams

    nothing works when i put the original card

    CCcam has to be configured.
    mgcamd is not able to read a card directly. You have to use mgcamd together with newcs (use version 1.60 or higher with the 800).
    gbox is considered as bad :)

    I have best results with mgcamd/newcs combo.
    Use mgcamd 1.30d and newcs 1.60beta (or higher) and don't forget to configure newcs (/var/tuxbox/config/newcs.xml) and mgcamd (/var/keys/newcamd.list).


  • thanks for the reply
    how can i use two cams at the same time ? i the blue panel it says choose one only

    where is the config file of the cccam please?