Statement regarding the latest Gemini 4.3.1 for the DM500

  • I agree. That what I am talking about. Even if they have been harmed, they didn't have the right to manipulate with the thing that did not belonged to them. The should prosecute the vendor and the dealer. Otherwise its the wild west and we are in eye for an eye situation. And as Ghandi said: "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind" :winking_face:


    And by the way, that IPBOX9000 looks good... I have to dig little bit around it. Without this case I wouldn't. So thanks DM for expanding my horizons. :)

  • Quote

    This is an excerpt from the Norwegian penal-code:
    §291. As damage is considered those who against the law destroys, damages, makes useless or ruins an item that fully or partially belongs to another.

    Based on this both DMM and Gemini team and IHAD as a whole can be prosecuted in Norway for willful damage of other persons property and the assistance of this.

    LOL !? They have 'damaged' their own software which was not yours and which you were not even allowed to install! This software does not belong to "another". It's their own software which is not yours and which you were not even allowed to install!

    They have not destroyed anything from you! They just added a copyprotection to their own software, and this is their right!

    If someone was violating laws ... then the users who installed this software without a license and without permission. This software was stolen and you were not allowed to install it!

    If you download Windows-XP from the internet and MS shuts it down one day because of "illegal cd-key" ... you would also go to them and tell them that they don't had a right to do so and that they violated law by locking your illegal-copy windows copy ??? HEHEHEHEHE!!!! You have to learn a little bit.

    Go and ask your lawyer if dmm had a right to add a copyprotection to their software to make sure it doesn't work anymore on boxes where it is not allowed to get installed. He will tell you "FOR SURE THEY HAD A RIGHT".

    It is their own software and can do whatever they want with it! They just have to make sure it works on their own boxes. If you install it on your playstation, mobile-phone, laptop or a clone-box and it doesn't work there ... bad for you! But DMM does not have to care!

    Do me a good favor and don't try to be a "wannabe lawyer". You will fail! LAWs are a little bit more complicated and if you don't really know what you are talking about, don't do it and let real lawyers, that know what they are talking about, answer this question! You are not a lawyer and don't know what you are talking about.

    BTW: Last but not least: DMM is a german company so Norwegian laws don't affect them. If you want to take legal actions against them, you have to do this in germany ... with german law! And german law will tell you that you did not had any right install and use this software on your box and that this software was only licensed for original-boxes and that you can not blame DMM because this software is causing problems on other boxes / hardware.

  • Well, it's adios to Gemini for me
    Who made you the patent police?
    And how farcical, self righteous and hypocritical! To produce something that circumvents or compromises the very thing you now cry foul off!
    Like some members here before commented thatDream and Engma weren't really thinking of the consequences of this action.
    What did you really expect it to achieve?
    You're not getting the people that stole your ideas (the clone manufacturers), they'll just move to another image (or godforbid even write/modify their own).
    Maybe if the dreams weren't so overpriced in the first place they wouldn't have been cloned.
    Darwin award material.

  • [Blocked Image:]

    Ciao! We will not miss you!

    This is the "I have a Dreambox" Forum. If you don't have a dreambox, only a clonebox ... we will not miss you here!

    Try it at, this is the right place where people like you should go and complain!

  • Well, DMM will soon see how smart their move was, when the sales even further decline. Hope they soon put lock on their door, and their directors are locked behind the bars for promoting pay tv piracy and creating and spreading computer viruses. The hypocrite company is stealing from others, hiding behing the holes in the law and use them to produce pirate-heaven-box, because nobody can punish them. But, that will not last forever. And Homey, your name sounds like you are homo - I appologize to all gay people for insulting them by comparing them to you.

  • and we don't miss you and you'r stupid team. ther are many other team like edg-nemesis who respect poeple and their job :352:
    "adios piratos" exuse "adios amigos"

  • Those clone manufacturers make every effort to hide the fact that they are making clones, they even try to sell them at the same price. I fully support IHAD and DMM in this issue.

  • Homey: I find it very difficult to understand on which basis you can tell me what my education and profession is.
    Furthermore you are out on a limb with what you state. A crime is usually took to court in the country that it took place, so theoretically it can be took to court anywhere where that a box has been destroyed.
    And it is willful destruction of property since there were now warning given as to the result, and many people have also bought boxes not knowing that they were considered copyright infringements.

    Ps: I do not have, and has never had a clonebox, but I'm now seriously thinking about getting one and using Nabilosat on it.

  • Gemini image is official image of DMM......

    If you are to support original box than common interface should be only issue :tongue:

    lock var/bin and var/keys maps !!!!!

    double standards :wmbiggrin:

  • i guess you had an hard night - being so confused

    gemini is no original DMM image - just ask DMM if you do not believe -

  • pls explain how do clones make damage to the gemini team if it has nothing to do with DMM, supposed to be a hobby :tongue:

    How come Nabilosat, Petar Pan, LT team, Sf team, Ru, Edg Nemesis,Pli, Boxman....don t come out with the same statements on their boards....

    .... means you are alone on this planet

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    Original von hispasat1
    pls explain how do clones make damage to the gemini team if it has nothing to do with DMM, supposed to be a hobby :tongue:

    How come Nabilosat, Petar Pan, LT team, Sf team, Ru, Edg Nemesis,Pli, Boxman....don t come out with the same statements on their boards....

    .... means you are alone on this planet

    just read the first post

  • why blame gemini team and don't blame yourselfs you buy a clone to save 20-30 euro and the dealer who sold you a clone and not the original dreambox.


    Dreambox 8000 HD
    DREAMBOX 7025 S/T

  • Ok i see two problems with all this,
    the 1º is , Some dream even orginal have been effected by this.

    2º Isnt this called destroiny private property? they have killed or destroyed something that isnt theres.. isnt these illegal?

  • I think some people on here need to re-read the statement before YET STILL ACCUSING PEOPLE.

    If you bothered to read it instead of just throwing a wobbler, you can clearly see what it says part of the boot loader is licenced to dream multimedia themselves.

    Did you read that? YES it is licenced to DREAM MULTIMEDIA, so whay are you still acting as though you did nothing wrong clone users?

    I understand you need to get this fix asap but banging on how out of order it was isn't solving anything, too be fair it wasn't out of order, as the statement says, if something is licensed to somebody then you cannot use it on something else.

    Nothing else to say on the matter, it's in clear black and white.

    p.s. the only way an original could of been effected is if you were stupid enough to change the mac, why you'd want to do that god knows, you may of got kicks out of it or something, but again genuine dream's can be fix by dream multimedia, so that doesn't matter too much.

  • How do the germans´say? " Geiz ist Geil" roughly translated "Greed is sexy" this is the slogan of one of the biggest distributors of electronic articles in germany, I mod. on another site, whether the pay-tv firms change their keys or not is part of the game, we look and see if we can get the keys, some people have paid more for their illegal cards* than others who have bought a cloned DM500S, (nota bene, it went out of production last year)
    * is my illegal card my legal possession, can I ask the pay-tv firm for damages because they changed the key? Basically my illegal card is a clone.
    P.S. I have an original DM7000S second generation, my first generation I killed, or I thought I did, I got it back up and running using hardware/software that I found in the web, it also works for the clones.
    although I am not actively using a Gemini Image I have through the years very much appreciated all the support and advice that I have found on this site.
    There´s no use crying over spilt milk, just mop it up and go forwards :347:

    I don´t answer PM´s, if you have something to say, post it here

  • don't miss you ther are many other team like edg-nemesis colossum Nabilo and many others who respect poeple and their job

    i have one clone who work verry well with colossum that i change since bomb atack

    seriously i love gemini image but i cant trust in it and his team

    j avais une image de gemini 3.60 que j ai change en colossum mon clone marche a merveille

    je fais plus confiance en la team gemini ni a DMM c pour ca q je conseille tt mes amis pour acheter des clones car ils sont moin cher et pour ne pas encourager les gemini et les DMM a lancer d autres bonbes ds l avenir si il ya un avenir pour eux ................

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    How come Nabilosat, Petar Pan, LT team, Sf team, Ru, Edg Nemesis,Pli, Boxman....don t come out with the same statements on their boards....

    Maybe because it was the Gemini Image that was pre-installed and sold with those boxes!? I doubt that the 'others' would be happy if they find out that other people steal their software and make money with it by selling their stolen software.


    A crime is usually took to court in the country that it took place, so theoretically it can be took to court anywhere where that a box has been destroyed.

    You already did understand that your box was not destroyed or damaged? The bootloader software is not yours so you don't have a right to complain if this does not work and causes trouble if you install it on boxes that are not allowed to use this. You don't even have permission to use and install this software. If it doesn't work then ... bad for you, but you can't blame DMM for this because they don't have to care if their software causes trouble on mobile-phones, playstations, laptops, clone-boxes or wherever it gets used without license and permission!

    DMM has not damaged or destroyed anything from you! They have "destroyed" their own bootloader software! Because you were not allowed to use it, you don't have a right to complain if it doesn't work. Install a BL-Software that was made and licensed for your box, and you will not have any trouble!

    If DMM would come to your house and destroy your box and/or installed this software on your box, then you would have a right to complain. But it was the user and/or clone-box creator who installed and used this software illegaly and without permission / license!

    In countries like Italy you are not even allowed to buy those boxes. You do something illegal then (doesn't matter if you know it or not) and have to pay up to 10.000 €uro just because you bought and used a clone-box!

    For sure I fully understand frustrated people that did not know that they have a clone! Hopefully they learned a little bit and buy their stuff from a better place next time. They still can contact their lawyers and/or police and try to get money back from those guys who sold those clone-boxes as original-boxes. Blaming DMM for this doesn't work. Blame those bad-guys who sold or build those boxes with illegal software!

    But most of those peeps did know that they have a clone and always had to live with the risk their illegaly used software will not work anymore in the future. Nobody can and wants to help those guys! They did something bad and they have deserved it!

  • Just Imagine!!!

    Imagine that 'Some developer Cam Team' creates a new release just for use with clone boxes and all the others who try to install this new version will have there box killed...

    As the software was just for clones if a original box was 'infected' it was just 'Bad Luck'

    Just imagine if some hacker starts to patch bad code on a well know cam and starts to uploaded to internet boards and uplaodcenters...

    I think the Ticket Line on DMM will take a few months to catch up...

    This is just my imagination