Black Aero

  • Well, it's a really great skin!! But when I watch a 4:3 programm on my widescreen (with smart zoom), it gets cut off. Any change to change that?

  • - Dear Matrix !!!!!

    - Full ptest for Gemini 4.40 i?????????

    - Thanks a lot !!!!!

  • korn

    I have make Ptest skin for Gemini but if Ptest not working (I have not test)
    in new image that is because Ptest plugins is not working in New images.
    Autor of Ptest have to make new version and Im not autor of Ptest plugins.
    My skin is ok in old and new Gemini images but for Ptest plugins i have not test.

    Rgd MX

  • - Dear Matrix !!!!!
    - Full ptest for Gemini 4.50 ?????????
    - Thanks a lot !!!!!

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