Black Aero

  • Well, I use it with the Gemini, thats why I want to use it in my Standard-OE.
    Thats why I asked which is near to OE, perhaps the one for Nabilo, I don´t know - I will try it...

    Earlier I tried the Black Pearl from the PB-Image, it worked, I only had to edit a view lines that it worked fine, but this one doesn´t.

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  • No,

    You cannot use Gemini and for sure not Nabilo.

    Someone with DM600 and skinning expirince have to
    mod skin.

    Rgd MX

    Can you post download link for your DM600 image cvs
    if i have time i will try to install on my DM7000

    And in CVS images you have not all OSD info
    like in Gemini/Nabilo e.t.c
    You have only very basic info.

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  • Yes, I know

    But in that one I have tried there were only a few things that are not all right. The indicators of "Nagra, ..." are yellow and not grey ...

    But it worked and I have to edit only a little bit.

  • Can you post download link for your DM600 image cvs
    if i have time i will try to install on my DM7000

  • It is only for a 600, won´t work on a 7000

    It is a normal CVS with other boot-images and a few tiny changes for my own Box - it is a little special config with a DiskOnModule and a hdd...

    Otherwise i would not test such problematic things...

  • hahaha :)
    You must be not so sure :rolleyes:
    that i cannot run your image on my dm7000.
    DM7000 is nice receiver.

    I like to test if you have link i can download your CVS

  • Have you any idea where to upload it. Have not done any upload before...

    Forget this sensless sentence, i am blind...

    Onkel Toms V1

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  • Hi

    It is the original, haven´t done anything.

    How the hell you get the Image to work on 7000.

  • Black Aero CVS

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    Test versions if ok final.

    We have 2 versions one for install in /var/...
    and one for install in /share/.. folders

    If you have to tune transperancy but only
    in windows and fonts
    you have to change first 2 Nrs in this part
    of esml file.Content is background color in windows.

    <color name="transyellow" color="#12efc020" />
    <color name="content" color="#23000521" />
    <color name="white" color="#10ffffff" />
    <color name="black" color="#10000000" />
    <color name="selected" color="#129e2105" />
    <color name="gr" color="#105b5b5b" />
    <color name="green" color="#1260ee60" />

    If you have to change fonts path you have to edit skin esml file.

    Pls put all in right folders

  • Nice one mate.
    Great to have a few new CVS skins.

    “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.”

  • Thx @boxgot


    How the hell you get the Image to work on 7000.

    This is to long story.I will not go in this to long.
    I can only say I have to do this on my Linux PC.
    (decompress/make changes/compress back LZMA/Squashfs
    of you unpack/decompress nfi make change pack agn nfi if you have DM600/7020)
    Is difficult with new nfi images to run on DM7000 and to do this.

    ByE MX

  • Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaaaaaa! (Nicked by the Dukes of Hazard...)

    That is the one I wanted for my OE...


    Nothing to say, only 8o

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  • Thanks @stibbich

    You make nice job for Dreambox community ,
    Have a nice time with DB.


  • Hi@stibbich

    I will make one DM7000 USB image
    if I have time.

    Rgd MX

    For PPL like to test

    NOT USE this image in Flash and only on USB DM7000 for test.
    Image not have pass if you login
    login is root no pass.

    For install on USB you must have about +- 50 Mb free on USB.

    I have make one test orginal Gemini image DM600PVR image
    for DM7000 no emu no keys.

    ONLY DM7000/7020 USB.




    • dm4.jpg

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    • dm3.jpg

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    • dm2.jpg

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    • dm1.jpg

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  • Hello matrix

    super schicker Skin... ich möchte ihn gerne für mein Image anpassen!

    Kannst du mir das ohne die Rahmen machen (rote Pfeile)

    If you can do to me without frames (red arrows)



    • t1_bar2.jpg

      (9.25 kB, downloaded 644 times, last: )

    Box1: 7080
    Box2: 8000
    Box3: 500HD
    Box4: 600PVR
    Abo´s: 2xSky FULL HD/MTV/SRG/HD+/ORF
    TV: Samsung UE46B7090
    Zubehör: 8xSmargo an CCcam-DebianServer
    Sat´s: 23,5 19,2 13,0 9,0

  • Fighter-XP

    Is this one from Gemini image ??
    Of from Nabilo Image ?

    You like to make one for DM7025 ?

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