dm connection with 3g wireless broadband

  • Hi all, i am using a wireless 3g broadband to connect my dm500s to a server.
    It works miraculously fine, but the problem is when my dm is idle (on standby mode) i lost the connection. And i have to start my pc (im using switch from the 3g broadband router) and start surfing any webpage then only the dm connected to the server.

    What i want to know is there any plugin for dm that can ping to the router to keep it connected? or is there a router/switch with can self pinging alternately to the 3g broadband modem to keep it awake? (since the problem is the 3g broadband shut down the broadband connection when in idle)

    any assistance is greatly appreciated.........

  • You will have to configure you router for that, I have a linksys router for 3g, I had the same problem, I upgrade the router software of my router and made my IP static to all my pc’s and dreambox’s to over com this problem The are a setting in my router where you select to stay active on not and when to connect. What make of router you have for you 3g?

  • im using tp-link router-r140m. (yes i hv set the router for always connected) but the problems i think the 3g modem (its a china made 3g modem-zte600 which lock to the 3g provider and i cant change the sim card to any other 3g mdm.)

    btw which model of linksys router did u use....?