Army BlueNight DBB2

  • Very nice,good work army

    dreambox 800s 160 gig hdd,dreambox 600 pvr s,dreambox 500+.
    visiosat mit drei lnb,s

  • Quote

    Originally posted by army

    Per Gemini abbiate un po di pazienza

    ciao army
    Ok.Si, un po di pazienza ;)

    ps:I have installed in my dm500+(gemini) it looks greate.The bad think is i canot activate picons :wmbiggrin:

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  • Hallo!
    Ich habe Gemini4.1 auf der Dreambox. Kann ich den Skin aufspielen?! Habe die Dreambox 7000S! Vielen Dank! ;)

  • Thank you for Gemini too - it looks good.


    dm 7020 S
    200 GB Maxtor
    GEMINI 4.50
    Auf CF Karte

  • Grazie tu sei il migliore e qualche volta copio le tue icone.
    Quando fai una skins pe la DBBrothers (DBB2) ?


  • army

    Pure, interesting, not so simple (it has a lot of info nicely put) and very stylish


    it's a beauty

  • army / vali / matrix10 the best transparency for png (like info osd)
    is 85-88% & for more transparency like the window borders is 79-85% (tested with Photoshop CS / on DM500/600)

    and for esml ..

    -more transparency 44 (max)

    for borders like xline i use

    <color name="clBack1" color="#221f1f1f" />
    <color name="clBack2" color="#441f1f1f" />

    -and 22 (min) is good

    Ps. nice skin 8)

    regards rag

    <-> Astra 19.2° <->

    <-> MTV unlimited <-> Kubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin" <->