openDBedit v3.0.x

  • openDBedit Version v3.0.0

    New in 3.0.0

    - I will continue the development of DreamBoxEdit where LlamaWare left off..
    Thanks for the Source Code.. Old Source Copyright 2003-2007 LlamaWare
    - Changed the name to OpenDBedit to reflect the changeover in developers
    - Updated Telnet Command Prompt when you click on Version 3 settings
    - Updated Graphics - Thanks to xaminator!
    - Able to edit TID & NID in the details screen without changing every channel on that TP
    - Added DishPro conversion. It will change displayed services to DishPro format.
    - Added Legacy conversion. It will change the displayed services to Legacy format.
    - Changed Services Import and Export to semicolon delimited file instead of TAB delimited.
    It will actually properly modify services on import, not just add new services
    - Clicking on the openDBedit graphic on the main screen will let you check for updates,
    go to the openDBedit thread on DBFN or read the Version notes (what your reading now)

    Tips and known issues with the 7025:
    - In DreamBoxEdit you must specify the correct paths on the 7025.
    You can do this very easy with the "Defaults for 7025" button on the options panel.
    - You have to enable "Multibouquet" on the 7025 in order to be able to see your bouquets
    - The DreamBoxEdit ZAP command fails because the 7025 webinterface does not yet exist

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    Neue Version in der Database
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  • Danke, für deine Weiterentwicklung des DreamboxEdit(openDBedit).
    Gruß Chortyenz

  • AlphaNet

    Thanks a lot to continue the development !
    Do you have any language Files for openDBedit v3.00 ?
    Now too in the Database.

    Auch in der Database zu finden !
    Hoffe ist ok, wenn ich das in die Database kopiert habe.

  • Thank's for your work!!

    In fact, I've come to the conclusion that I never did know about it._THOMAS EDISON, on electricity

  • Just to clear things up:
    Credits for openDBedit go to Msan! I should have pointed that out in my
    first post - My fault, sorry!

    Anyways, back to our mission:

    If you get lots of errors downloading the services from your Dreambox here's
    a fix (happened to me with MTV on Hotbird 13°E):

    1. Download the file "services" with an ftp-client from your Dreambox
    (on a 7020 with Gemini its in /etc/enigma)

    2. Search for an entry similar to this one:

    3. Delete the second line (the one containing the weird characters) so it looks like this:

    4. Upload the services file back to its location on the Dreambox

    Now you should be able to download all services without any errors.

    Another hint:
    You can use the language files from original Versions as well, here is the
    German Language file for those who don't have it:

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  • I have found before the hint, and tried the Language-File from LlamaDream Homepage. :D
    German it's too in the Database !

    Deutsche Sprachdatei ist auch in der Database zu finden!

  • Hi,

    openDBedit bringt mir beim Start die Meldung, dass Version 3.0.1 online verfügbar ist, nur ich finde keine Möglichkeit für einen Download.

    Viele Grüße

    "Kaum macht man es richtig, .... schon geht es!"

    "Machen ist wie wollen, nur krasser!"

  • openDBedit v3.0.1

    New in 3.0.1
    - Added Channel#, Audio, Video, PCR & AC3 ID Fields to the Compare screen now
    - Able to edit all Transponder Data in service edit now
    - Updated Language pack and included with distribution
    - New Graphics

    Cau Adas

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  • Quote

    Original von Gidi
    OpenDBedit V3.00/V3.01 meinen einen update auf V3.02 zu haben aber der downloadlink funktioniert leider nicht.

    nimm die Version von Adas...

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    Original von Xtommes

    nimm die Version von Adas...

    das bringt auch nix.
    der link führt ins leere (so wie ihn opendbedit ausspuckt).
    aber man kann schon auf dir richtige seite gelangen wenn man den link ansieht... bla
    aber registrieren werde ich mich da nicht. finde solche zwangsregistrierungen nicht sehr schön.

    cu kami

    mkdir $HOME/dream-cdk && cd $HOME/dream-cdk && export CVS_RSH=ssh && cvs -d -z3 co -P -rdreambox . && cd cdk && chmod ugo+x prepare && ./prepare && make checkout && make dreamboximage_root && patch .... && grins... && make rebuild-flash && make flash-compress

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    Original von Gidi
    OpenDBedit V3.00/V3.01 meinen einen update auf V3.02 zu haben aber der downloadlink funktioniert leider nicht.

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    Neue Version in der Database
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    Admin auf , www.


  • vielleich kann ja mal jemand das "openDBedit Version V3.0.2" hier posten

    1. Box: 800se, 500 GB HD
    2. Box: 500-S,
    3. Box: 800-S, 250GB HD
    in allen Boxen die neuste Software

  • The attached 3.0.2 thinks that it's actually 3.0.1 and notifies that there's an update. The binary has a file version of though.

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    Original von Jogi29

    der Link geht bei mir auch ins Leere ;(


    du musst die Unterstriche in der Domain weglassen, dann komst Du zu einem Forum, in dem man sich aber registrieren muss.

    Gruß maxmus69

    2x DM7080 HD - Merlin OE 2.5