• Now..it's now possible to attach HDD with DM500

    DM500 + 3,5" 40GB HDD or more and without PC



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  • thanks very much ! it's very good.

    DM 500 / 500+
    gemini 4.10

  • just connect DM to external HD enclosure that support RJ-45 with cross-cable through RJ-45 port.

    if you use cardsharing, you have to use router with straight-cable

    and mount them all

    that's it


  • Hello sk8ergeek,

    so what is new about this I do the same thing alredy since 2 Years with my NSLU2 and my DM500?

  • sure you can do to your NSLU2

    in here, another alternative tools because I tried these with my enclosure that support RJ-45


  • thanks a lot my Fr. sk8ergeek

    i have used similar way since 1 year ago with my pc harddisk and my dreambox-500:



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  • before I try this, I used PC to mount hard drive and no prob. But it's not simple look like. Everytime I wanna record channel, I've to turn on CPU and monitor and wait for loading Windows event. Take a long time, right?


  • well, that's gr8 idea but could u plz share the steps !
    also am connected to a sharing server !
    and CIF recording always freeze !
    what to do to get all works ?

    gr8 input

    8) DM500s / DVB2000 / SkystarHD / Humax5400
    MAC pro,Quad Xeon2.8GHz ,2GB ECC,2TB

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