I have Problem in gemini 4.00

  • hi
    I have Problem in plugins Picviewer does not works in gemini 4.00
    it is dreambox restart ?

  • Dear Space0e!

    With Gemini 4.0 many things changed (new libraries make the image smaller). You should be carefull using old versions of Plugins (for Gemini before 4.0).

    Try to get new version which has been released after Gemini 4.0 or which state 4.0 support.


    Dreambox 7080 HD mit 2x DVB-S2 & 2x DVB-C/T + 4 TB WD Green HDD & 4 GB SD-Card + DMM OE2.5/GP4 + DMConcinnity-HD + Astra 19.2°/23.5° & Hotbird 13°

  • You do not need a picviewer...

    Enigma1 support jpeg, png and many more pic-formats.

    You have to select a picture in file-mode - that´s all to do...

  • The "help"-Button says Button "3"

    Haven't used this function...