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    more smaller that will be difficult after does not return all infos inside


    Thanks! great work Porto!
    Is it possible to make the upper part window, the one with the emu info etc. selectable. So that one can choose to enable/disable it like the ECM window. That would be nice for people who want a even more compact version.

    And... where can I download this compact version?

  • Hi again, porto.

    I did what you tell me and you can see here as it is.

    I will ask you every skin you made ;)

  • hi friends,

    ircom , i think this is not possible to be selectable this part of window for that must be hardcoded in enigma "dreambox image"
    If you have only ecm_info in this window yes we can disable, but we have crypt_info,videoformat,frequency,etc........., i hope do you understand ;)

    This evening i post file of Alpha_Compact version

    titovich i'm happy is ok for you, no problem every skin i modify this for you ;)

    porto :)

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  • thanks for this version you are very ; very very beest desinger of skin your work is very great im waitting for your new skin

  • @ porto10002001

    very great work the "ptest"version and all your skins.

  • thank's friends ;)


    After i will try to make this skin with other colors like grey etc........

    What do you think??