Serious problems with 3.60

  • First of all, sorry about my message in this primitive and approximative language, I am afraid I am not German (and neither english), and I cannot express myself in your language.

    A few days ago I have upgraded from Gemini 3.20 (that I had working fine for several months), hoping to find more up to date cams, and software with 3.60.

    My first issue was with "unzip" that failed to de-compress simple .zip files. I have soon noticed that it was because busybox was downgraded from 1.2.1 to 1.0.1 (why?).

    Only one hour after installing 3.60 I have lost all the positions on my dish motor, something that had not been happening for a long time. I spent a few hours rebuilding the motor configuration, looking for the most used satellites first, and eventually for the least used ones with some difficulties (I had to repeat the procedure three times, because in the process, after having found the first three satellite positions, moving to the next, everything was lost again).

    Having done with this long and tedious task I started using the box and turned it off (stand by). The day after, turning the box on, no signal!, Motor does not move, tuner reports no signal. Turn the box off and on again (power cycle), and it works.

    This has happened now on a daily basis. If the box is turned off for a while (that is just stand-by, no shutdown or power-off), when I turn it on, I get "no-signal" and I have to shutdown and re-boot.

    That is enough with 3.60. I go back using 3.20

    I hope that this message will be seen and considered by the developers in order to find the problem and fix it.