STRMR_5620_MAXVAR_2.01 image with Stop TV playback

  • This image is particularly suitable for streaming as it includes a new feature to stop tv screen playback when streaming from dreambox to pc. It has been updated to v2.01 to make it more user-friendly.

    - Linux Kernel Version 2.6.9

    - Web Interface 6.0.2 - Expert

    - Smartcam based Softcam Setup to select and start/restart softcam, stick softcam to service & provider for automatic start

    -ECM Info via Softcam Setup

    -Install softcam by (1) ftp emu files and edit /var/etc/smartcam.config, or (2) ftp emu package (tar.gz) to /tmp then blue button -> Addon Manager -> Manual Install or (3) via user defined /var/etc/cpanel.xml

    -Script Manager for user scripts

    -CronManager to schedule cronjobs - Crond included in image

    -StopTVplay for superior streaming to pc

    -Viewfile to view any file on Dreambox that can be read

    -Editfile to edit any file on Dreambox that can be edited

    -Infobar with Freq, SR, Pol, Fec, emuname

    -Enigma Restart

    -Default skin : Matrix D_blue modified for STRMR

    -Additional skin included : Matrix MX-6

    -Quickbuttons ; blue - STRMR Main Panel, yellow - Plugins, 0 - Softcam Setup

    No emulators or keys included.

    Regards, pcd.

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  • T_G

    Well, the emu setup (smartcam) and the Extras panel (cpanel) are based on Hydra source, the script manager is from Nitro, the other new items are mine, with some patches found on the Dream-Multimedia boards.

    And of course a lot of the credit goes to my friends, especially Albsat, for many helpful suggestions. :)

    And to you T_G for getting me into streaming ! :)


    Thanks. nearly ? :grinning_squinting_face:

    Hope to get the server going soon, then direct install through the cpanel will be possible.

    Regards, pcd.

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  • Great going mate! I hope to try it out later tonight.

  • yes, but i founded out of intuition.

    it is in a free host and the subdoname starts with strmr. but I am waiting that PCD makes it official and fill it with emus and plugins for his image.

    I would urge all the users of this image to report its feedback.


  • New cpanel.xml for download and install of emus etc - attached. Ftp to /var/etc and replace the original.

    Downloads available - Emus, plugins, skins, picons

    To see panel : Blue button -> Addon Manager and Extras.

    Some hints:-

    Download and install softcam : First select and save Common Interface in Softcam Setup to stop any running emulator.

    Streaming to Dreambox : Start network streaming from VLC. Then start plugin Stream2db to see display on tv. Stream2db can handle any media that VLC can stream out. More advice in Readme, can be downloaded from here :-


    Watching and recording TV on pc : While the channel is on tv, start plugin StopTVplay. The screen will go dark. Then start your streaming client software on pc. TuxvisionR is recommended, details can be found here :-


    Crond :- Crond is set to start at boot. To stop crond from starting, comment out (insert # at the beginning of) the line with crond in file /var/etc/init. Cronjobs can be set by editing /var/etc/crontab. Alternative is to list the cron command in /var/etc/croncmd and then use Cronmanager.

    Picons : Select Setup -> Expert Setup -> Show service logo. No need for plugin, all inside image. Some picons are available for download by cpanel. Any others, just add to folder /var/tuxbox/icon.

    Please Note : This image will be maintained, for example by adding to the download list, as long as interest is shown by image download, comments, or by Rate Thread. Any problem, suggestion or request - please report here. :)

    Regards, pcd.