• hello friend when do you think you'll have this skin ready, i'm in love with it

  • Im still busy with this skins.We have compact version.

    Astro C (compact) in Nabilo image.
    dual volume
    dual menu
    dual osd


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  • Astro Nab both versions
    compact and expert.
    ONLY for Nabilo v07
    PLS do not use skin in other images.
    You can have problems.
    I will make skin convert next days
    for Gemini.

    ByE MX



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  • Looks Good in Nabilo ;)

    Thx Mx

    Have Fun And Dream On

    DF-II Team Member :pokal:

  • Astro for Gemini image

    Astro easy
    Astro compact
    Astro expert


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  • Quote

    Originally posted by matrix10
    Astro for Gemini image

    Astro easy
    Astro compact
    Astro expert

    And here is tarballs to Gemini ;)


    Have Fun And Dream On

    DF-II Team Member :pokal:

  • Vielen Dank MX, wollte schon wieder auf das Nabilo 0.7wechseln.



  • ThX to all

    tunhj1 thx for your help agn.

    ente i have in my box Nabilo,Gemni.Pli.ruDream .....
    all this images and Im making skins for all PPL like me
    playing with this nice hobby

    Rgd MX

  • hi to all

    i've tried to put the astro (gem vers.) to my dm500 with gemini 3.10 maxvar and i blocked the dream...

    once i deleted the skins file the dream works file..

    they are not compatible?

    i like the astro skin....what can i do to make it working?


  • you have to use Gemini 3.40 or newer, with Gemini 3.10 it don't work.

  • hello to all, like i said before this is a great skin but in gemini with gbox i can't see the info of the dline, is there any addon to this???
    anyway, great skin.