Punt@l 56x0 Maxvar Beta Image

Am Sonntag, den 2. Oktober ab ca. 9 Uhr geht das Board in den Wartungsmodus. Geschätzte Dauer: Irgendwas zwischen 12 und 24 Stunden.

Es geht hierbei um Vorbereitungen für das eigentliche Board-Update auf Version 5.5.x.

Euer IHAD Team
  • * Linux Kernel Version 2.6.9
    * Web Interface 6.0.2 - Expert

    ECM Info via Emu Manager
    Script Manager for user scripts
    Cron Manager to schedule cronjobs
    StopTVplay for superior streaming to PC
    Picon facility included inside image
    Default skin : Matrix D_blue
    Additional skin included : Matrix MX-6


    * RED: EPG
    * GREEN: Depend of situation
    * BLUE: Puntal Control Panel

    Puntal CP:

    Download addons, settings, plugins
    Download Puntal News
    CronManager settings
    Skin selector with preview

    Can be installed with Flashwizard.

    Have a fun.

    Download in .: DATABASE :.

  • was ist los hier.Unpacken geht nicht,file ist corrupt oder ich weiss es nicht

  • Jap da stimmt was ned! Das File lässt sich ned entpacken!

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    Hilfe gesucht ? schau mal ins Gemini Project WIKI, auch unsere Video Tutorials sind für den Einstieg sehr empfehlenswert

  • Bei mir auch ein Fehler. Habe das Image mal abgelöst. Bitte neu hochladen. Danke!

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  • Does this image exist? It looks great,I hope it is true,and please post here the good file or just give a link where we can find it,thanks!!

  • EDIT: I was delete this image because it have one bug.
    Please excuse Me for that.
    I promise that full working version will be very soon.

    PS, In this moment, only working version is for 7000

    we need to try this img

  • Image can be downloaded in first post.
    Have a fun. :winking_face:

  • Puntal 5620 and 500 image ready emus will be uploaded to the Puntal Control Panel server soon. Until then please use the following method:-

    Unzip the attached Emupack .Select emu .tar.gz file.

    Ftp to /tmp, then Puntal Conrol Panel (blue button)> Cpanel > Addon Manager > Manual Install.

    Ftp latest keys, of course !


    Activate emu by blue button > emu manager.

    Note : Same emus should be OK for both DM5620 and DM500

    Regards, pcd.

    EDIT: Please replace the attachement by a version without keys, keys are not allowed in this board. (Paradog)

    Sorry, small oversight. The offending items removed now. Hope it is ok. :)

  • Hey fergy will you add dishnet epg ? :face_with_tongue:
    Just teasing you lol. :cool2: image

  • Quote

    Original von smash
    Hey fergy will you add dishnet epg ? :face_with_tongue:
    Just teasing you lol. :cool2: image

    Not yet, but it is in list. :)