[closed ] Barry Allen, the second Flash

  • Look, there is not much extra info there anyway - I just explain the new 3 possible partitionlayouts which the Wally West Plugin now offer.

    1. classic BA with everything in 1 bix ext3 partition and images in extra directories
    2. classic WW - FAT for kernel and logos at the beginning, rest in 1 big ext3 partition with images in extra directories
    3 (new) classic Multiboot partition layout with 1...8 image partitions in ext3 and FAT att he beginnng and an BA ext3 partition. Just enhanced so that it fits the BA Plugin architecture and directory layout - which means thowi's Multiboot becomes useless when BA 5 is released.

    And then you simply download, install and test it :)

    Check WW 5.0.1 it contains already a short readme.txt

    Because just waiting doesn't really help !

    But BA+WW 5 is planned to be realeased already on this weekend, and so far we are on track with this time shedule.


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  • "will wait" refered to will wait until final ver. come up to see if any english trans. will be added along with it. Of course I am preparing my box for test and let you know effects. Concerning english trans. for WW, will see after test. Have to see first what's inside. :winking_face:
    What does WW FAT exactly do/improve comparing to BA?

  • wait for the 5.0.1 WW kit, it contains already a short readme.txt

    And if you don't understand what WW does - better don't use it and stay with classic BA :)

    PS: Layout 2 offers you to use the imagekernel and drivers instead of the flash ones, and layout 3 has every image in an extra partition to be completely independent of the Flash (well you still need the secondstage loader)

  • I don't due to can't read German lang. :winking_face: It's clear for me that WW kernel and logos are on FAT partition while BA use ext3 for everything. Want to know only advatage of this kind of feature. If this is not the right place for such question, do not answer then. Will test it anyway. :winking_face:

  • Well, you can drive a German car without speaking German so why not have a German SAT Receiver.

    If the image in Flash is too old, or has less drivers in kernel then the image you boot from CF/USB you will find out the advantage of using Barry Allen together with Wally West pretty soon.

    5.0.1 from WW is now online, install it and read the readme.txt - then you know a little bit more. And feel free to fix the typos or extend the readme.txt - help is always welcome - remember you are allowed to wash also your car yourself !


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  • Now I know what the difference is. Thx.

    PS: to many unnecessary harsh words.

  • well, sometimes I'm not really polite - I'm sorry (and no more car wash jokes) :)

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  • Well, first of all that was my mistake. I wanted to ask for english trans in this topic instead of here. Nevermind then, already know (more or less).

  • I understood your request, but both threads will be closed in a few days, so it didn't really make a difference where to discuss it.

    And instead ofr translating the thread you got a translated readme.txt :)

    Now you can explain others in Englisch what BA and WW 5 acutally (can) do ...

    And in German we have a saying: Only if you don't ask you stay ... dumb !


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  • Yup, everything I wanted to know is in readme.txt. Thanks a lot.

  • you are welcome - and as I already said - every native speaker is welcome to increase the quality of the translations :)

  • Bitte hier nichts mehr reinschreiben, der Thread wird zugemacht und wir fangen wie versprochen mit Barry Allen 5.0 einen neuen kit und Support Thread an !

    Danke an alle die hier gepostet haben !

    Please don't reply here anymore, this tread will be closed and we start as promised with Barry Allen 5.0 a new kit and support Thread !

    Thanks to everybody who posted here !


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  • aber gerne - allerdings hatte ich 3c5x9 das closen/löschen versprochen - schon vor 6 Monaten :)