Remote storage (PVR)

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    First I want to apologize myself for not writing in German. Although we share borders (I’m Dutch), I can only read your language. Therefore, your response doesn’t need to be in English.

    I own a DM500S for some time now and wanted to do some recording. I’m aware there are a few options, but I’m only interested in one. I know this is possible with bitcontrol, but this is not the case. I’d like to use the DM500S as a PVR and use NAS as storage (i.e. over the network). It should be possible to connect through samba to a windows share, for use as stream storage. Unfortunately I don’t have any clue about how to configure this, as the Dreambox doesn't have a keyboard input.

    I use Linux kernel 2.6.9 (Gemini 3.40) and EDITED! as cam. The Dreambox is directly connected to a Catalyst switch which is behind a Pix firewall. It’s a casual 100Mbit/s network. The DM500 is DHCP configured, although its IP address is reserved on the server (Proliant). So you could treat it as static.

    Any help is much appreciated!

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  • take an old pentium CPU and install

    Speicher: 20GB IBM SCSI

    mfg, barbos

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    Originally posted by boolean
    as the Dreambox doesn't have a keyboard input.

    Use Telnet!

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    Originally posted by smash

    Use Telnet!

    An IR keyboard from Dream is available...


    NFS/QNAP TS-219P/debian - lenny
    NFS/eSATA SheevaPlug/emdebian (ubifs) - squeeze