STRMR_5620_080206 image

Am Sonntag, den 2. Oktober ab ca. 9 Uhr geht das Board in den Wartungsmodus. Geschätzte Dauer: Irgendwas zwischen 12 und 24 Stunden.

Es geht hierbei um Vorbereitungen für das eigentliche Board-Update auf Version 5.5.x.

Euer IHAD Team
  • This image is particularly suitable for streaming as it includes a new feature to stop tv screen playback when streaming from dreambox to pc.

    The image is released with :-

    - Web Interface 5.9.7-Expert

    - Plugins :

    StopTVplay : start it on dreambox before starting streaming program on pc.

    FlexMenu with emu start / stop

    Also Bitrate viewer, Sysinfo, Tux Commander, Var memory finder etc.

    Start skin - Miminemesis

    Quick buttons - Yellow button for plugins, blue for FlexMenu, 0 for StopTVplay, audio for Audio.

    To test emus just add camd3 files and test through FlexMenu.


    If it works try CCcam.

    For other emus edit the /var/bin and /var/bin/SwichEmu_Scripte files with emuname and /var/tuxbox/config/shellexec.conf.

    Check the var_memory plugin before adding stuff. :)

    The image does not include any keys or emulators.

    Sincere thanks to Albsat, Hazem and Samoht for their various suggestions and help.

    Regards, pcd.

    EDIT Kerni: neue Version in der Database

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  • Hi Albsat,

    Yes, I have seen your e-mail.

    This image is a different version of the pcd image, now with other buttons. Audio should work.

    The current emu change scripts work perfectly, so there is no need to update at present. After some time, I may consider.

    As my e-mails are regularly deleted, please post your comments on this image, and suggestions, in this thread for future reference. :)

    Regards, pcd.

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  • Ok, it is great that you have fixed the Audio program. As I said I just use your image on my dm5620. Thnx again for your work.

    The emu script from AliAbdul that I am attaching here is very practical for a cvs image with FlexMenu incorporated. (the only thing that I don't like in Flexmenu is its transparente background)

    In your image if a user wants to insert and run mgcadm+newcs at the same time, he should get his hand dirty by changing, editing and adding scripts. With EmuSelect script adding emus is plain simple. It would be great if you consider in the future to make a version based on this script.

    However a user can use this script right now with your image but I like simplicity and practicity. :)


  • pcd

    I can't make mgcamd and newcs start together with Switchemu.
    I tried by creating the same scritpts for emus but it didn't work for both of them. Any idea?

    For the future:
    Can you include the 'Restart Enigma" option in your next image? Also could the command "awk" be included?


  • Does this help ? I don't know much about cs :) :-


  • albsat

    Could you please attach the necessary config files for the Emu-Select Script.

  • psd

    I resolved it with a simple sh script that had this content:

    cd /var/bin
    sleep 4

    so far so good.

    The emu script is written from Aliabdul. Follow his simple guide as below:

    Put this line into the /var/tuxbox/config/shellexec.conf:


    ACTION=&Emu-Select v1.0,( /var/bin/ main ; /var/bin/shellexec /tmp/ ; rm /tmp/ )

    Put the files (permission: 755) and emu.cfg to /var/bin.

    -show process list
    -(re-)start NewCS
    -stop current emu
    -start emus from config-file