CVS 56x0 image with 'Stop TV Playback' feature

  • This image includes a new feature to stop tv screen playback when streaming from dreambox to pc. Until now this facility was only available in the Neutrino based images and has been found to result in excellent streaming. Now it is available in this Enigma based image.

    The image is released with :-

    -Web Interface 5.9.7-Expert

    - Plugin StopTVplay : start it on dreambox before starting streaming program on pc.

    - Plugin SwitchEmu 1.03

    The image does not include any keys or emulators.

    Regards, pcd.

    Note : new version released as STRMR_56x0_080206.

    EDIT Kerni: neue Version in der Database

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  • Is it posible to make the plugin "Stop TV Plugin" avaible for the Dreambox 500?

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    Originally posted by Samoht
    Is it posible to make the plugin "Stop TV Plugin" avaible for the Dreambox 500?

    The plugin needs some changes in the enigma, that is why I have released this special image for dm56x0. It will work with the 500 if a new image is compiled using these changes. I can produce a similar CVS image for dm500, but I cannot test it as I do not have a 500. If anybody is willing to test I will be happy to try. :)

    Regards, pcd.

  • Of course I would test such a modified CVS image for the DM 500.

  • pcd

    You what would be great ? If you could make a script that could run this plugin from telnet. in this way I wouldn't move from my room to the TV room to open the dreambox and run the plugin. It will be all done form the computer. :grinning_squinting_face:

    What do you think mate? can you make such a script ?

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    Originally posted by Samoht
    Of course I would test such a modified CVS image for the DM 500.

    Hi Samoht,

    Please try the attached and let us know how it goes.

    Regards, pcd.

    ps. Attachment deleted, the image now available for download in the Dreambox 500 - Sonstige Images forum.

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  • Hi albsat,

    It is actually quite simple. Open the telnet window and telnet dreambox this :-

    wget -O- "http://root:dreambox@localhost/cgi-bin/startPlugin?name=StopTVplay.cfg"


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  • pcd

    Your modified CVS Image for the DM 500 and the integrated plugin works.

    In the next days I will look if streaming to PC works better.

    Thank you for your work.

  • @ PCD

    Do you have in plan to make your cvs image a litte more feautered?

    For example, including in the flash memory (if space allows) :
    - Tux commander
    - A plugin to run custom scripts
    - CCcam (the latest version)

    I tried your image and I didn't have a lot of success with Switchemu and CCcam. I will try with another emu today.


  • albsat

    I will look into CCcam and Tux commander. I don't see any problem including those.

    Custom scripts :-

    (1) Ftp your script (say to /var/tuxbox/plugins. Chmod 755.

    (2) Ftp any plugin .cfg to /var/tuxbox/plugins. Edit the name to myscript.cfg. Open that file and change the plugin name to what you want. And, very important, change the plugin type=2. You will now see that plugin in the blue button list on the box. :)


    I am surprised. It is working with my box. Please do this check:-

    1) From the dreamboxworld website 'Emulators' page, copy all the camd3 files to /var/bin /var/etc and /var/keys and give the appropriate attributes (755).

    (2) Replace camd3.keys with the latest keys.

    (3) Reboot. Does the channel clear now ?


  • I checked CCcam and tuxcom. Both work ok.

    To run CCcam without using switchEmu, just install camd3 as described in my last post. If camd3 is working, edit /var/etc/init to change ./camd3 to ./CCcam. Ftp all the CCcam files fro the dreamboxworld site to the correct places. Then CCcam will be started at every boot-up. :)

    For this image I will continue with the policy of 'no emu no keys' , I will not include CCcam. Sorry. and tuxcom.cfg take only a minute to upload, but if you want I can include it in the next release.

    Regards, pcd.

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  • Hi, to all of you

    This great image boots up very fast and the stream part finally works.
    I only have 2 questions

    Can gbox work on this image and if so how do i install it ?.


  • I have not tried gbox, but if it works with other cvs images, it should be ok.