Neutrino.DREAM Da Vodka Xmas edition/dm-7025

  • Da gibt es anscheinend ein Neutrino Image für die 7025er

    Neutrino.DREAM Da Vodka Xmas edition/dm-7025 9:17 Pm
    Welcome to Happy New Year with Neutrino.DREAM Da Vodka Xmas!
    Neutrino.DREAM Plus v0.01beta/Da Vodka Xmas edition/32bit-colorset
    **Audioplayer**Movieplayer**PictureViewer**TS MovieBrowser**PIP*Yweb**
    **Live-veiw by web**Timeshift**Auto-timeshift per channels zap**
    **Muiti-EPG: TPS/D+/Sky Italia/Cyfra+*EPG cash*TuxBox Commander**
    **Support gotoXX/USALS commands for DisEqC 1.2 motors**
    **Bouquet editor**Virtual Zap**Zapit options menu**
    **Manual scan per frequency**Movie-cutter**
    **Acoustics spectrum lcd-analyzer**
    Lockales: deutsch, dutch, english, french, hungarian, italiano,
    lithuanian, polski, portugues, russkij.

    file: dm7025_n32plus_v0.01beta_YYYYMMDD.nfi

    comment=ruDbox dream image
    creator=ruDbox team

    Original bootlogo by •Dream•Box•Busters•/

    There is 0.01beta-version of Neutrino.DREAM/32bit-colorset for dreambox dm-7025.
    DreamSet -
    last update 28/12/2006 - DreamSet v2.10 or v.2.0
    Special thank to John Vossos for great support nplus-format!

    1. Language Setup, Make your choice and press [Lame/Exit]
    2. Main Menu, Settings, Network Settings, Make your choice and press [red]setup network now
    3. Main Menu, Settings, Misc settings, Timezone, Make your choice
    4. Main Menu, Settings, press [red]save settings now
    5. Main Menu, Services, Zapit options, set necessary values and parameters, press [red]save settings
    ("Re-Zap on emu switch time"-parameter is recommended to put value 5 or 6! "Tune timeout" - 20.)
    6. Main Menu, Services, Servicescan, set necessary values and parameters, Scan mode: Fast!,
    press [red]save settings, start scan
    7. Main Menu, Services, Video Settings, Video system: PAL/PAL-M/NTSC
    8. Main Menu, Services, Audio Settings, English: off/on
    (auto-switch on english-soundtrack if the "English"-name is present on the channels)

    TimeShift settings.
    1. Main Menu, Settings, Recording Settings, recording device: direct(file)/off/server
    (set to "direct(file)" and set direct recording settings[green], [red]activate changes)
    2. Main Menu, Settings, Key Setup, Timeshift, setup new key
    (most of keys is not free to use by default, set fee-key(example,bouquet+-) or change non-free
    to free before start to set timeshift-key)
    3. Main Menu, Settings, Movieplayer Settings, Timeshift pause: on/off
    ("on" - timeshift starting record and stop movieplyer to pause, "off" - timeshift starting record
    and play continue)
    4. Main Menu, Addons, Emu Type, Camd: no/mgcamd/newcamd/camd3/scam
    (Timeshift supporting mgcamd/newcamd/camd3/scam emu for crypt-channels,
    we're using mgcamd+newcs on dm-7025)
    Question: How to switch on auto-timeshifting mode?
    ANSWER: Main Menu/Settings/Recording/direct recording settings/Auto-timeshift start pause.
    Set entry more than zero. 1 or 2 or 5... or 300.
    Now at each zap channel record automatically will begin.
    Auto-Record(files) of the previous channel will automatically delete at each zap channels.
    Auto-timeshifting mode is a special mode of recording, but it can be switched on original record-mode.
    Features menu/Move timeshift to records.

    Main Menu, Scripts
    1. Backup your settings - store your personal neutrino settings to
    addon files, so next time just upload addon_restore.bin for installing all settings.
    2. Load MHW epg - Muitiepg loader/TPS/D+/Sky Italia/Cyfra+
    Before You make a start, see /var/bin/ and editing it for your choice.
    Zapit to one of:
    NOT TESTED! Canal+/CanalSatellite France : Astra 19.2E / 12363 V / 27500
    NOT TESTED! Canal Digitaal : Astra 19.2E / 12515 H / 22000
    WORKING! Digital+ : Astra 19.2E / 10847 V / 22000
    WORKING! Sky Italia : Hot Bird 13E / 12418 V / 27500
    WORKING! Cyfra+ : Hot Bird 13E / 10719 V / 27500
    WORKING! TPS : Hot Bird 13E / 10892 V / 27500
    3. Reset EPG
    On different channels there is not an exact times. If there is a file /var/tuxbox/.notimeupdate
    and the difference of more than 10 minutes, current time does not update.
    5. Readme 1st/Image info

    Default Keys(buttons)
    1. [dream/menu] - Main Menu
    2. [blue] - Features
    3. [help] - channel info
    4. [help][help] - channel EPG
    5. [help][help][help] - channel EPG bigest font size
    6. [help][help][help][help] - channel EPG normal font size
    7. [info] - channel info (same as [help])
    8. [video] - TS MovieBrowser
    9. [audio] - Audioplayer
    10. [green] - Select language
    11. [red] - EPG Programm Information
    12. [tv] at tv-mode - open clock on topleft, second press - close clock
    13. [radio] at radio-mode - open clock on topleft, second press - close clock
    14. [shift]+[radio] - saving live screenshot to /hdd/screenshots/channelname_programmname_yyyymmdd_hhmmss.bmp
    15. [ok] - open channels-list
    16. [ok]+[soundoff] - switch on dbv2000/channel-list mode
    17. [shift]+[blue] - switch to standby mode and lock rc
    18. [shift]+[tv] - lock scart
    18. [red]+[unlock key] - unlock rc and scart
    19. [shift]+[red] - switch on mini-mode: blocking main menu and features menu, second press - switch off
    20. [soundoff] - del files and records

    MovieBrowser special Keys(buttons)
    [radio] - screenshot for record-logo
    [shift]+[radio] - saving record screenshot as much as you have to press

    Neutrino Movie-cutter.
    Trimming-editing of the records material.

    Mode-1. Set label " Movie end " for record (file).
    Starting from this label the contents of record will be cut off
    and thrown out" without of restoration.

    Mode-2. Set labels " Movie start " and " Movie end ".
    The contents of record between these two labels will be copied in a new file (record).
    The original file (record) will not be changed.

    Mode-3. Set label " jump over ".
    If such label is installed, at usual viewing record the contents inside of a label is passed - ignored.
    In our case the contents inside of a label will be written down (copied) in a new file (record).
    Such labels inside of one record it is possible to set up to 10 and then we shall receive ten new records.
    Differently the label " jump over " is a piece of record (file). Each of such pieces forms new record (file).
    The original file (record) will not be changed.

    Mode-4. Set labels " jump over ".
    "Pasting" of all pieces in one record (file). The original file (record) will not be changed.

    Arrangement of labels is carried out at viewing record in TS MovieBrowser by pressing the [blue]-button
    and a choice of necessary type of a label.

    Cutters Buttons on MovieBrowser.
    [video] - Mode-1.
    [audio] - Mode-2.
    [text] - Mode-3.
    [radio] - Mode-4.

    Buttons fast rewind of record.
    <1> - On 1 minute ago
    <4> - On 5 minutes ago
    <7> - On 10 minutes ago
    <3> - For 1 minute forward
    <6> - For 5 minutes forward
    <9> - For 10 minutes forward
    <2> - In the beginning of record
    <5> - In the middle of record
    <8> - In the end of record
    PgUp - for 10 seconds forward
    PgDown - on 10 seconds ago

    Channels logo.
    Picture types - JPG and GIF.
    The recommended size - 52 x 39 points.
    The storage directory of files -/var/share/icons/logo/.
    File with a logo the name from values of three parameters is given.

    /ts id/on id/s id/.gif

    TS id = "042a" on = "0001" frq = "11739000" inv = "2" sr = "27500000" fec = "3" pol = "1"
    S i = "6ff8" n = " MTV Hits. [19E] " v = "be1" a = "be2" p = "be1" pmt = "151" tx = "0" t = "1"/

    Accordingly the file for the channel " MTV Hits. [19E] " should have the following name.


    EPG Cash.
    Settings->Misc settings->-------Epg settings-------
    Be carefull with "Dir for epg cash"!!!
    There is must be freespace on hdd or your mount-partion/directory named as /hdd/, /mnt/, /media/, /tmp/.
    Example: /hdd/epg, /mnt/your_dir/epg, /media/your_dir .

    Acoustics spectrum lcd-analyzer
    For audioplayer play-mode.
    Main-menu->settings->audioplayer->lcd a-spectrum - no/yes

    Live-veiw from dreambox-web.
    Before to start Live-veiw from dreambox-web:
    install VLC…win32/vlc-0.8.x-win32.exe

    Default cardserver and emu.
    Newcs is default cardserver, mgcamd - emu.
    Question: How to activate mgcamd and newcs?
    ANSWER: Cardserver newcs mustbe to activate/restart at first!
    ANSWER: Main Menu/Addons/Cardserver: no->newcs /Restart cardsever
    ANSWER: Main Menu/Addons/Camd: no->mgcamd /Restart camd
    Question: How to install camd3 or box?
    ANSWER: camd3 mustbe to added /var/emu as - camd3, pcamd to /var/bin as pcamd, othere files to /var/keys
    ANSWER: box mustbe to added /var/emu as - box or camdd, othere files to /var/keys
    Question: How to activate camd3 or box?
    ANSWER: Cardserver newcs mustbe deactivate at first!
    ANSWER: Main Menu/Addons/Cardserver: newcs->no /Restart cardsever
    ANSWER: Main Menu/Addons/Camd: no->mgcamd->...camd3 /Restart camd
    ANSWER: Main Menu/Addons/Camd: no->mgcamd->... box(or daemon) /Restart camd
    Please, remember that
    "Re-Zap on emu switch time"-parameter is recommended to put value 5 or 6!
    See QuickStart.
    You can start recording the crypt-channel and...
    and zap to next crypt-channel and to look it or to zap next and next, etc.
    Mgcamd mustbe present in image inside.

    PiP (a picture in a picture) on Neutrino/dm-7025
    That PiP has earned in a mode of "record", before inclusion of boxing, it is necessary to make loop-connection.
    Connect "output" of the first tuner on "input" of the second. Now it is possible to switch on box.

    1. Call the list of channels - button " OK ".
    2. Rise in the list on that channel which wish to observe in window PiP.
    3. Press button " VIDEO ".
    In the left top corner there will be a PiP-window with a picture of the chosen channel.

    Simultaneously in an active mode it is possible to look channels only same tp!

    Additional buttons of management.

    Mode move/resize:
    SHIFT+GREEN - movings and change the size of a PiP-picture,
    SHIFT+YELLOW - movings and change the size of the basic tv-picture.

    In this mode " big arrows " move, BOUQUET +/- changes the size, OK - to keep, LAME/EXIT - to skip.

    Mode of viewing at PiP on mode:
    " BOUQUET + " - zoom in/out for a PiP-window,
    " BOUQUET - " - to switch off a PiP-window,
    The little-arrow ">" - changes the basic (live) and PiP channels places.
    If PiP is not included, pressing an little-arrow ">" - includes a PiP-window for the current channel.

    Mode of viewing of records:
    VIDEO - switches on and off a PiP-window of the channel on which were up to an entrance in a player of records;
    OK - at viewing record call the list of channels, only if to this button other function is not set;
    VIDEO - switches on and off a PiP-window of any channel from the list caused by pressing on "OK".

    Mode of record of the channel.
    Work same buttons as in a mode of viewing of channels.

    How to get updates and addons.
    At first, dreambox must has internet-connection!
    1. Main Menu, Service, Software Update, Updatemode: internet
    2. search for new version...

    How to install addons manual.
    At first, our neutrino's addons is not same as enigma's addons!
    1. Put addon-file(addon_name.bin) to /tmp
    1. Main Menu, Service, Software Update, Updatemode: manual(ftp)
    2. search for new version...
    3. Filebrowser /tmp/, press to addon-file(addon_name.bin)
    4. follow instruction

    We have nothing against modifications to our Neutrino
    images, if you follow our small conditions, namely:
    1. The original Readme files must remain in archives with
    your mod image.
    The same counts to all readme and info files within the image.

    How can you check who is original creator of the image?
    There is information in file called ".version" in root
    directory of every image.
    Please, leave it also unchanged.

    2. NO KEYS/RSA/ROM files within your renamed - modified image.
    3. We are glad, NAME of our team(ruDbox) in file names of your
    archives and mod image independently to see,
    e.g. - ruDbox **** _mod_your_name or your_name_mod_ruDbox ***.

    That's all.
    Certainly you cannot follow our requirements and continue
    everything like it is.
    Believe, however, that attention of our friends who use
    our private images is enough for us.

    ruDbox Team
    #dbox2 /Dalnet

  • Na dann waren unsere Russischen Freunde wohl fleissig über die Feiertage ...

    War aber abzusehen nachdem Sie es auf den 32 Bit Framebuffer portiert hatten.

    Wenn es rauskommt sag ich Euch ob es im Multiboot geht (sollte aber, wenn nicht gibt es halt neue Version)

    Müssen wir halt mal wieder auf der info-sat vorbeischauen :)


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  • Ich warte nur noch bis rudream sich wieder meldet, wie bei der 7000S damals! :tongue:

  • Quote

    Original von mmcengiz
    When will we load

    We don't know.... unfortunately we have to wait :winking_face:

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    schade wenn da kein ci geht.



  • Quote

    Original von whopper
    Ich warte nur noch bis rudream sich wieder meldet, wie bei der 7000S damals! :tongue:

    was haben die den besonders gemacht??

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  • Die haben die Images nach ihrer Laune angepasst, sogar komplett verändert, hatten auch als erste das Image sichern oder flashen über die Fernbedienung eingeführt, das sind so viele dinge, der Lan speed war auch der schnellste!
    Hab dann nur noch rudream genutzt!


  • Bin ja gespannt wie die Umsetzung am Ende ist

    Best Enigma2 Plugins:
    TV Charts Plugin, EPGRefresh, AutoTimer, VPS Plugin, SeriesPlugin

  • Geil.

    bei EDIT Kerni: Link entfernt, da gibts auch Sachen die wir hier nicht wünschen kann man das Image herunterladen.

    Ich nutze auf meiner DM500 nur Neutrino

  • So,

    hab das Image auf eine Partition meiner CF-Card kopiert.

    Meine Frau kuckt gerade "24", sobald das vorüber ist, werd ich mal versuchen,
    das Neutrino zu booten.

    Wünscht mir Glück!!


  • neutrino in flash und der rest auf CF geht problemlos

    [SIZE=7]Selfsat H50M4
    Ultimo4K /2xTwinS2, VTI, PLi, ATV...
    NAS: Qnap221[/SIZE]

  • Quote

    Original von labeoo
    mal zum ansehen

    Hat jemand noch mehr screenshots?

    Sieht optisch gut aus.

    I love my Dreambox 900

  • Wow,

    habe gerade das Neutrino gebootet.
    Zur Zeit macht er gerade Kanalsuche.

    Melde mich wieder!


  • Wo gibt es denn die Senderrlogos? Sind die schon mit drin im Image?

    I love my Dreambox 900

  • Sodala,

    ich kuck bereits Pro7 mit Neutrino auf der 7025.


    Werd mal weiter testen!


    PS: Senderlogos sind schon drin!!

  • Ja super Image, auch Bouquetlayout bisschen aufgemotzt zur Neutrino1 Version.

    Bisher geht die Sendersuche aber nur mit Tuner A bzw. 1. Der 2.Tuner ist bei diesem Image wertlos.

    Ansonsten super Image, funzt 1a wie man halt Neutrino Images kennt.

    Best Enigma2 Plugins:
    TV Charts Plugin, EPGRefresh, AutoTimer, VPS Plugin, SeriesPlugin

  • Wenn ich versuche mit DreamSet_210 die settings abzulesen (downloaden) der DreamSet verabschiedet sich.
    Oder ist das nur bei mir?

    [SIZE=7]Selfsat H50M4
    Ultimo4K /2xTwinS2, VTI, PLi, ATV...
    NAS: Qnap221[/SIZE]