PLi® Garnet Images Suite 20061228 Rev.2164

  • The Original PLi® Garnet suite includes the following components:

    2.6.9 kernel
    2.6.9-dream-s8 kernel for the DM7020
    Enigma CVS 19-12-2006
    1.1.0 Head.ko
    Front Processor version 1.06 for DM7000
    Front Processor version 1.01 for DM7020
    Squashfs 2.2-r2 with LZMA-compression for the DM5xx(x) and DM70x0 boxes
    Tuxtxt v1.99
    Web Interface: 5.9.7-Expert - PLi edition

    Use the download url's below to be sure to download our original PLi® images.

    The Original PLi® Garnet suite contains the following images:


    See below for whats New, Fixed & Features

    Flashing general:
    - When you press the Arrow UP during booting, a FlashErase will follow, as everybody knows from the DM7000.
    When you install a newer image, the backup function is still executed.
    Do only a flasherase without backup when you request it explicitly!

    === IMPORTANT Flashing DM500 Howto ===
    When you upgrade from a DM500 MaxVAR image (modified partition layout) to a PLi Garnet DM500 (standard partition layout)
    You NEED to flash your box with a serial cable to do the upgrade
    Flashing with root.cramfs or with FlashWizard will fail!

    The reason is the smaller filesize of the MaxVar root partition:

    o DreamBOX jffs2 on a DM500 MaxVAR: 0x00600000-0x007c0000
    o DreamBOX jffs2 on a DM500 Standard: 0x00500000-0x007c0000

    A MaxVAR image uses a smaller root partition then a standard image, that's why /VAR is bigger. So if you want to flash a standard image into the running MaxVAR image it won't fit in the smaller partition! To get rid of this MaxVAR sized partition you need to flash it with a serial (RS-232) cable.

    TV-System Wizard:
    - Replaced by A/V System Settings screen
    o This allows setup of your tv-system AND colorformat etc... right after Flashing
    o Allow TuxTXT/MultiEPG position setting from wizard. When switching between PAL/NTCS, default position settings are stored

    - Show position and size in TuxTXT/MultiEPG position screen

    - Better volume scaling
    - MP3/Ogg/Flac added:
    o Fix playing VBR MP3 files!
    o Support Ogg/Vorbis files
    o Support FLAC files

    - OSD MP3/Ogg/Flac info:
    o Show vorbiscomments and id3 tags in OSD using 3 lines of the OSD fileInfoBar
    o Show mp3 version+mono/stereo, samplefrequency, bitrate info using the vidformat, fq_val and sr_val skin variables

    - Updated to latest libmad and libid3tag
    - Event info from http streams is shown in OSD fileInfoBar
    - Allow skip forward/backward
    - Support 12-hour clock mode
    - Improved error checking and reporting for harddisk setup
    - Cleanup/Revised cardinfo script. It now also works for CCcam 1.3
    - Nicer work environment in Telnet sessions: color prompt and a few usefull alias commands
    - Added timer offset setting to Extra Systemsettings Menu (equals to settings allready available in WebIf)
    - Upgrade IPtables to version 1.3.5
    - IPtables TCP module added
    - Confirmation added for "Rebuild movie list"
    - Nano Editor added to DM7000 image
    - In FileMode Left/Right will zap back/forward to the markers in your recordings
    - Last Scanned userbouquet is now really last scanned, it will be erased as soon as you find a new service
    - Allow jumping to begin characters of service names, when adding services to a bouquet, or while being in bouquet editmode
    - From TransponderEdit screen allow direct jump to Manual Scan screen (usefull for Feedhunters)
    - Make clear 0000 is not a valid pin for Parental Lock of setup lock. Only a textual change will do!
    - North America AC3 pid fix, THX to DSM
    - Make stereo the default audio mode
    - Only show the LCD Shot feature only on hardware with a LCD
    - Translated a large part of Enigma texts to Dutch and Frysk (except for the Dream HELP-menu)
    - Many internal changes and fixes

    - CCcam updated to v1.3.1
    - A bootlogo for the DM500
    - The "Blue button" adds a switch event, when you are in one of the EPG viewers (just like in DM70x0)
    - Fixed the missing 'Record DVR' in DM500, "green button" from a EPG viewer now creates a DVR timer event, instead of a switch
    - Fix for MultiView EPG (MV) so that it doesn't crash Enigma

    - Fix CIFS mounts in PLi SetupNetwork, called from rcS
    - Support hostname resolving in busybox for CIFS/SMBFS mounts
    - Make SetupNetwork in Enigma tree a bit more foolproof
    - Added possibility to put Swap on CompactFlash card
    - Changed the way (auto)mounting is being used.
    o There were two ways, now there is only one!
    o The one already used by the WebIf (using mount.conf) is now also being used by SetupNetwork and Enigma

    - OSD mount manger: added a button to remove a Mount entry.

    PLi Image Setup:
    - Added harddisk used percentage bar
    - PLi Image Setup locking
    - Layout much nicer now
    - Fixed Digiturk and Arena audio in Language Setup
    - Picon enable/disable added
    - Tools Menu removed, is Backup/Restore menu now
    - Added 12-hour clock support
    - Storage directory for SQLite and Enigma EPG/Private EPG can be choosen
    - Switch to show SNR values in dB
    - Switch to show seconds OSD clock (if your skin has enough space for it)
    - Switch to disable showing EPG events in webif zap menus to speedup webif startup
    - Define number of service to view in MultiEPG
    - Checkbox to select if EPG data should be shown in WebIf channellists
    o (if you dont need the EPG info the WebIf is loaded much faster)
    - All Services to Run are started without a reboot
    - Support for Inadyn
    - Commercial skip times (forward and backward) can be altered in PLi setup
    - Added Frysk language

    - FTP downloads added
    - Scramble URLs fixed for all downloads
    - PPanel recovery also in case of parse errors
    - Added Writing to Enigma config
    - Added a way to send webcommands
    - Added a way to hide PPanels while running
    - Packages can be installed without removing the old version first
    - Added Download check for all downloads from internet
    - Possibility to edit the registry via a PPanel
    - Added PLiKey PPanel, with this PPanel you can assign a plugin to the HELP-button on your remote control
    - Fix crash in <media> variable if picture or another file can not be downloaded
    - See the PPanel Tutorial in the image for all details!

    Software Management:
    - Packages can be installed without removing the old version first
    - More clear installer messages
    - Inadyn plugin added, source THX to aalex77, rewritten to PLi® style
    - Serveral bug fixes

    - Channel EPG can be opened by MENU-key while in PiG EPG
    - Storage directory for SQLite and Enigma EPG/Private EPG can be choosen. You can move the storage on the fly, it's possible to see the following messages
    o "This directory is suitable for storage"
    o "This directory has not enough space" (you will need 20MB for SQLite, 50MB for MemStore)
    o "This directory does not exist"

    o Reboot your box before enabling SQL-lite
    o The Enigma EPG storage directory is only used when rebooting or shutting down your box, this EPG data will be read after starting up your box again

    - Update MV: changes of v3.5.1b -> v3.5.2 merged into our sources
    - Dish Now/Next fixed in the skin
    - Several Dish EEPG fixes

    - Timebar is now aligned on 30 minute intervals
    - Updated icons
    - Optionally show channel icons.
    o Borrowed icon images and /var/tuxbox/config/mv/icons.esml from MV!
    - Use PiG space for Infobox if PiG doesn't work on your box
    - Number of Infochannels can be set via EPG Settings in PLi Setup
    - Fontsize can be set via EPG Settings in the PLi Setup
    - Don't open PiG when in Radiomode
    - Don't open PiG when we have No Services
    - Don't open PiG on DM500 and DM56x0 boxes
    - Replace top help line with hint to use HELP-key. Also extende help text a bit

    SqLite storage:
    - Improved the EPG viewer response

    - Garnet Radio & MP3 Backgrounds & Bootlogo's
    - eNumber element can now center contents vertically using skin property 'vcenter', or (for plugins) the widget property flagVCenter
    - Added File date to fileinfo in status bar
    - Also show fileinfo for pictures
    - Show filesizes in kB if the file is less than 10MB
    - Show RDS in fileInfoBar when in Radio mode
    - Renaming MP3, FLAC and Ogg/Vorbis files is allowed
    - Added per channel progress bar in zapView
    o As an extra bonus, EPG info is updated when scrolling through the zaplist
    - Cosmetics for EPG descriptions in zapView: remove parenthesis and use separate color (epg.time.background)
    - Strings in eTextPara are clipped to the space that is definded for them (This is probably a bug in Enigma and Enigma2)
    - Improved helpwindow scrolling
    - Made alpha setting in 32-bit more more granular
    - PLicons in skin using skin variable 'plicon' added.
    o Use it as <eLabel position ="0:34" name="plicon"/>
    o Borrowed icon images and /var/tuxbox/config/mv/icons.esml from MV!
    o Note: using plicons is NOT a must for skin developpers...

    - Timer list: Repeating timer weekdays: show alternating * for non-programmed days
    - Increase alpha range in 32-bit mode a bit
    - Updates to default.esml to adapt to 12-hour clock
    - Only show motor settings when motor is enabled in Satellite Configuration

    - Scale down JPEG images to max twice screen resolution when loading the image.
    o This should solve Enigma crashes when viewing large JPEG images!
    o People should not try to view such large images in other formats...

    - Moved scale/noscale function from 'ok' button to 'help' button. Leaving it on 'OK' seems to unscale images directly...

    Web Interface:
    - Fixed Timer Edit in case of "strange" characters in description
    - Allow minute based timer edits when editting a timer event (was per 5 minutes)
    - Allow combined Screen+OSD shot
    - Screen/OSD shots are shown in full native size (no resizing anymore)
    - Fixes for OSD/LCD shots on PDA's
    - Show which channel is being recorded in the WebIf
    - Only show motor settings when motor is enabled in Satellite Configuration
    - Fixed menuitem mouseover css
    - Added Recording Indicator
    - Fixed IE7 detection, Ticker & Web-X-TV
    - Added Minifinder - adapt SNR bar-width for dB
    - Fixed Aspect Ratio for a screenshot (without OSD)
    - WebIf mount: added server name again in table and give it a seperate column

    - First see if /var/etc/vsftpd.conf exist, if not use /etc/vsftpd.conf
    o This way the user can override the config by placing a config file in /var/etc as requested
    - Vsftp version 2.0.5, solving the 2GB limit
    - Fix FTP server problem when downloading from CIFS mounted shares

    - Bugfix for stopping Newcamd
    - Updated Gb*x script for faster zapping

    Detailed info, FAQ's, HowTo's and TechNotes can be found on the PLi® Website:

    Your forum logins can be used.