Waht Do I Need To Clear Easy Tv?

  • I`m trying to set my 7025 up. Until now I`ve had a dbox working on Easy Tv, TPS ect. using camd3.

    Now I have the 7025 I`m not sure where to start? Can anyone give me some info please?


  • istall camd3 and copy over your keyfile is the quick answer.

  • Install Mgcamd and edit the file "ignore.list" because it sometimes contains easyTv inside

  • I have mgcamd installed but how do I edit the file? I do not understand what this means?

  • If you find the Provider ID of easytv inside your ignore list - it´s


    then delet the line which contains 0D050C


    you can simply delete the file "ignore.list"

  • Yes, ok but how do i get into it to edit? Sorry i`m new to this setup......

  • You nedd to connect your computer and dreambox via crossover cable.

    Then you can use the FTP-client like ws_ftp or total commander

    Host - its the IP of the drambox, for example
    login: root
    pasword: dreambox

    after you have got a connection with your dreambox, please move to the folder k**s - it contains the file ignore.list

    You can edit ignore.list immediately by ftp programm or copy it on your computer, edit it by wordpad and send it back into dreambox.

  • You can use DCC (Dreambox Control Center) to connect to your Dream from a PC. I like it because you can directly modify files on your Dreambox AND you must not worry about the editor (files must be saved in Linux-format).


    If you prefer to work directly on the Dreambox install TuxCom (if available for 7025) and modify or delete the file. TuxCom is a tool looking like the Norton-Commander in ancient DOS-times :-) to copy, delete, rename, edit,...... files.

    Normally "ignore.list" is to be found in the "/var/keys" directory.

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  • I do have the right cam installed it`s mgcamd 1 op12a can someone just confirm this.

  • I just installed the latest copy of mgcamd from the database, but it does not appear in the cam list. What am I doing wrong? I have followed the tut how to install cams.


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