Anteprima New Skin "Army Mood EDG"

  • Thenks army nice colors in it and good work m8 ;)

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  • @ army

    perfect work!
    is there this super skin also for Gemini?
    this ist a "must have" for me!!!

    thanks muckel

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  • Army Mood E_G2.0-GEM

    mood_eg2.esml (senza picon)
    mood_egp2.esml (con picon)

    Il Picon è questo"Picon AA-58x44" lo metto su croteam sez. addons
    è già a posto cmq le coordinate sono queste:
    <framebuffer posx="75" posy="430" active="1" showDefault="1" />

    Buona visione


  • Hallo ich habe problem GP 3.2
    Kopieren Army Mood E_G2.0-GEM. - var alles gut
    Kopieren Picon AA-58x44. und keine picon siehen varum?
    ich einstellung blue panel-extras-general-extra info field-show all und- ***-extra field.
    Es ist nicht gut einstellung?

  • Hi,

    Not work with gemini 3.30 !!!

    Any update for this good skin ???