Dm7020 Satdream-Image-20060910

  • 10.09.2006
    Kernel 2.6.9 LZMA patch
    Engima 3.1.0 by Gemini project.
    ppp 2.4.3,pptp client 1.7.0
    Support USB serial cable based on PL2303 and FTDI chipset,
    rs232 works too.
    image md5sum 7783646202512a199981ae28b159c39b

    [URL=,com_remository/Itemid,0/func,download/id,16/chk,4e6813f2bae4672475a11dc248ed472c/]Download Satdream Image[/URL]

    4TB Festplatte
    Schüssel 90cm
    Astra19,2, Hotbird13°
    Ps3 Slim 640Gb (Rebug)
    Ps4 Pro 2Tb

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  • Yeah - I need 7020 image with PPP for connection via serial port to a GPRS modem.

    Any newer 7020 image able to do that?

  • plz i want the new image of satdream 7020 with the direct connection
    for knowldge.. when i press on the GPRS there is no result
    and the image of satdream 7020 has some problems

    plz could you give your email ????

    plz answerme quicly.