New PLi® Flubber image

  • [Blocked Image:…/images/flubberbanner.png]

    The Flubber suite includes the following components:

    - 2.6.9 kernel
    - 2.6.9-dream-s8 kernel for the 7020
    - 1.09 enigma (28-07-2006)
    - 1.1.0 Head.ko
    - Front Processor version 1.06 for DM7000
    - Front Processor version 1.01 for DM7020
    - Squashfs 2.2-r2 with LZMA-compression for the dm5xx(x) and dm7000 boxes
    - Tuxtxt v1.98
    - Web Interface: 5.9.7-Expert - PLi edition

    New features in Flubber:

    - MultiEPG has been updated to show a Picture in Graphic (PiG).
    This works for the dm7000 and dm7020 boxes.
    Unfortunately, due to hardware limitations, the dm5xx(x) boxes do not support PIG.
    A placeholder will be shown instead.
    Flubber includes a special fix to also make this work for NTSC systems.
    The event genre is now also shown in the event description window (when available).
    Now in Flubber you can even use '<' and '>' to quickly jump backward / forward in time.

    - Flubber supports reading 32-bit (!) png images as skin images and writing 32-bit osdshots.
    The Enigma internal picture viewer now works in 32-bit colormode for dm7000 and dm7020,
    and 8-bit mode for dm5xx(x), which now at least allows to show images on dm5xx(x).
    Scaling, resizing, and pan images has also been implemented.

    - The Skin/OSD on dm7000 and dm7020 still defaults to 8-bit colormode,
    but a 32-bit version of the default skin (MediaPLi) is available,
    to enjoy the pleasure of a full 32-bit OSD.
    The reason for not setting the default to 32-bit,
    is that several boxes show occasional green glitches in the mpeg stream,
    while they are in 32-bit mode. As it seems due to hardware/driver limits.
    We suggest you try for yourself how your 70x0 box works with 32-bit,
    so it is up to you to use either the 8-bit or 32-bit version of our revolutionary MediaPLi skin.
    Note that we have hugely improved the 8-bit possibilities for skins,
    by parsing palette colors from the skin images.
    So owners of 8-bit boxes are certainly not left behind.

    [Blocked Image:…notes/images/mediapli.gif]

    -As of this version you can choose where EPG data will be stored.
    Until now, this data was always stored in memory.
    When large amounts of EPG data were read, performance of the box degraded,
    due to lack of free memory.
    Within Flubber you can choose between two storage locations:

    - EPG Memory store: The conventional way of epg data storage. This is the default.
    - EPG SQLite store: Data is stored in a SQLite database, which resides in a file.

    The EPG SQLite store supports storing over a network! (e.g. via CIFS).

    - Skin:

    * for skindevelopers: introduction of the 'c' specification for centered positioning.
    This makes it easier to develop TV-system independent skins.
    The 'c' takes the center postion of the parent (client)rectangle.
    Use it in the same way as the 'e' specification.
    To center a widget of 500 by 300 pixels position="c-250:c-150" size="500:300".

    * Now support gauges for progress bars.
    Both gauges and progress bars do support images, again,
    the MediaPLi skin demonstrates what is currently possible with your new Flubber image.

    - Commercial skip: use the '<' and '>' (next to '0' key)
    to quickly skip 15 seconds back or 60 seconds
    forward in the recording you are currently playing

    - Added possibility to move /var to CF card

    - Proper support for NTSC in OSD.
    The default MediaPLi skin is properly set so all OSD screens do fit for both PAL and NTSC.
    Furthermore, all built-in enigma windows are centered, on PAL as well as NTSC.
    (note that when a widget is defined with a height > 480 there is nothing we can do for NTSC)

    - Reintroduced asking for TV system:
    Now users again can select their TV-system (PAL/NTSC) after flashing,
    making it easier to properly configure PLi in the setup wizard.

    - Added the genoSUAVE North American satellites lists (DishPro / Legacy)

    - And we have done even more for our N.A. users:
    with Flubber, PLi now fully supports the USA DishNetwork EPG.
    Dish EPG is fully integrated into PLi's enigma,
    so all currently available EPG viewers will automatically be able to use it.
    (thx to the Nitro team for the Dish decryption routines)

    - The used satellites.xml is now dependent on the timezone which is selected at first startup.
    After selecting a timezone the satellites.xml used in that area will be copied to /var/etc.
    For now only Europe and North America are available.

    - On zap an optional minizap OSD is shown.
    This OSD will go away after a timeout.
    When 'OK' is pressed, the minizap will expand to the full infobar.
    This is nicely demonstrated in the default MediaPLi skin.

    - Removed camx/serverng softcam/cardserver and added CCcam v1.2.1 as default in the dm5xx(x) boxes.
    CCcam is in "ROM" now (and not removable).

    - The minimal dm5xx(x) VAR-size is now 27%! Achieved by moving CCcam to "ROM"

    - PPanel:
    * download fix, now via eHTTP
    * downloads can be aborted now
    * installed packages are marked in the download menu
    * software management is refreshed after download of a new menu
    * added support for mp3, streaming mp3, video files and text files
    * added download indicatorbar
    * remove manual install files (*.tar.gz) in /tmp after manual install to free memory

    - WebIf: added Enhanced SatFinder (Zoom)

    - Last Scanned userbouquet feature. During scanning an userbouquet
    "Last Scanned" will be made for the TV,Radio and Data services.
    This bouquet will show all found services.

    - Start your plugins via the help-button on your remote. Edit the registry:
    "s:/ezap/plikeyfunction=plugin#pluginname.cfg" to start your defined plugin, or
    "s:/ezap/plikeyfunction=plugins" to create the same function as your yellow button.

    - Added Rebuild Movielist (Dream - File Mode - Playlist [yellow button] - Dream - Rebuild Movielist)

    - Fixed an off by one minute in the remaining event duration, in OSD now/next

    - Cron job is fixed for dm5xx(x) boxes

    - Introduced help texts for virtually all enigma windows (activated using the 'help' key on your remote)

    - DM7020 help texts translated into English (used to be German)

    - Removed smb-client and Samba-server from the dm7000 image,
    moved to downloads in the software manager

    - Frysk language update

    And some more fixes & code enhancements. For more details and the Flubber downloads see:

  • All Images are in the Database. THX!!!

    Zuerst ignorieren sie dich, dann lachen sie über dich, dann bekämpfen sie dich und dann gewinnst du. <br>
    Mahatma Gandhi

  • Quote

    Originally posted by dulla
    Allo ich brauche Addons , wo bekomme


    Easy: blue button-software management

  • @ hemertje

    Sehr gutes Image! Scheint aber als wäre noch ein Bug drin: Wenn ich mir die Senderliste im aktuellen Bouquet anzeigen lasse und dann über die Rote Taste den Multi-EPG anzeigen lasse klappt das ja noch. Drücke ich dann aber eine der Bouquet-Tasten stürzt die Box mit "Double exec" ab. Reset auf Werkseinstellungen hat leider auch nicht geholfen. Drücke ich während des normalen Fernsehens zweimal schnell die rote Taste und wähle dann den Multi-EPG triit das Problem mit den Bouquet-Tasten nicht auf. Vielleicht schaut Ihr euch das noch mal an...

    Wenn ich das Forum unserer niederländischen Nachbarn richtig gedeutet habe handelt es sich bei den Images noch um Betaversionen (der Original Downloadlink verweist auf den Pli-Beta-Server)
    Hoffentlich ist der Fehler im Final gefixt...

  • Habs grad probiert, bei mir das gleiche.

    Der Mensch ist verdammt zu lernen und nie zu wissen...

  • hat jemand damit newcs zum laufen gebracht? bei mir will es irgendwie nicht starten...
    und beim umschalten verschwindet der infobalken manchmal nicht automatisch?!

  • Installieren mit blue button, software.
    Starten mit blue button, softcam, cardserver newcs.
    dan den roten knopf, sonst geht nichts.



  • Emu addon ?

    Alles geht via das PLi-panel unter den blauwen knopf.
    Warum dan ein emu add-on dazu ?



  • Anyobody problems with the remote through the webif?
    When I browse to my dreambox and open "Remote Control", I get the new page with the remote control. Only, when I press a button, I see no OSD.
    Note, that my db was not in standby ;)
    (Iam using firefox by the way)

    any ideas?

  • Blauen knopf , software, download latest menu.
    Dann nach downloads gehen, da steht alles wass man braucht.
    Nach dem installieren, alles absliessen mit exit.
    Dann wieder blaue taste, softcam menu.
    Emu wählen, cardserver wählen, starten mit rod und grün.
    Bitte beachte, die configs sind manchmal auch allein zu downen.

    Auf diese weise ist alles erreichbar, skins, previews usw.

    Viel spass,


  • Strange,

    I got these kinds of 'problems' with IE.
    Firefox is doing great overhere, just checked it.



  • I tried IE also and no success
    I pressed the OK on the remote (in Remote Control). Saw nothing (black)
    Then in control tools I did an OSD snapshot. Again nothing.
    So, I guess the remote buttons don't do anything.

    any suggestions what I need to try?

  • Tested it with Firefox, fully functional.
    IE works too, but no usefull output on screen of the PC.
    And I use the remote in the webif, so don't know what's wrong then.

    sorry mate,


  • zum zappen mit multi-epg,

    So etwas hatten wir schon vorher gedacht.
    Wir haben aber nicht erwartet das jemand es noch gebrauchen würde auf diese manier. Es stimmt dass es in ein loop geht.
    Beim nächsten release werden wir diesen bug versuchen zu beheben.



  • danke

    ich habe es probiert, aber bekomme bei ( saftcam menu ) keine emu.

    Blau knopf, Software, download latest menu, zeigt ein fenster mit Ja/Nein, Ja getrucht,ein andre fenster:

    ppanel update version 0.8
    Downloading from a non-Pli server
    Tarball not found on server
    or no internet connection

    rot: close grun: scroll left gelb: scroll right

    Muss man mit internet verbunden sein oder neustarten den Dreambox