How change sizes MultiEPG and other menu?

  • I made skin, but can not change sizes of MultiEPG and some under-menu (Communication,...).
    I have Dreambox 500S Gemini 2.70

  • Hi,
    which program do you use to build your skin? Which skin did you start with?

    I normally use an existing skin and make changes to it. Not every skin has to include all options. Missing options are taken from default skin. You have to import the missing option from the default skin. On the other hand not all options are skinnable it seems as if they are drawn dynamically in an empty window.


    7020, Combo, Solo2, Ultimo

  • I use notepad and some "ESkin".
    Default skin do not have codes MultiEPG, Communications and some other
    Where i may seen this codes? Or they are drawn dynamically from Enigma?